Full list of new Pokemon Black and White Pokemon

Well it's finally here pokefans. has the full list of Pokemon including stats for all the final evolutions.

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ABizzel12981d ago

Well this gen is geared more towards batteling as you can tell by almost every Pokemon having a stat in the 100's.

As far as character design I think these are the worst batch ever, and hopefully they do better with the 6ths generation. At least this time we don't have to worry about EVERYBODY using the same pokemon.

darkcharizard2981d ago

This got 40/40 from Famitsu. Must be a great game!

hotgamergirl2980d ago

Is it me or did the stats change?

At first most of the pokemon had high attack or special attack stat and now they moved, the stats around.

I think it's more balanced now, but I wish they kept some stats the same.

nickjkl2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

who else thinks their running out of ideas for pokemon most of those look like pokemon already released with a slight change

shimama looks like ponyta

ishizumai looks like paris

ZombieNinjaPanda2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Every one has a stat in the 100s? oh boy.

Wow, I just noticed the stats on the right side.

Umbrella Corp2981d ago

There are only 150 pokemon in my book.

Mcardle2981d ago

come on at least stretch to 151? the rest are garbage after that.

WildArmed2981d ago

I agree.
(though I'll let 151 slide)
I think the series went for the worst when they kept introducing more and more pokemon.
It's not like a damn machine is spitting them out -.-

Either way, atleast the gameplay for Pokemon games has been consistent and only getting better (according to the reviews)

ABizzel12981d ago

251 was fine, Gold and Silver were good additions and brought defensive strategies to the game as well as Special Attack and Special Defense split.

Umbrella Corp2981d ago

Yeah it was pretty good I wont lie but after that it became kinda played out.
PS OMFG a tornado just hit me and i still have power

TheLastGuardian2981d ago

The second set was alright. I stopped playing after the third set. It's hard for them to be creative after they've made so many Pokemon.

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Kamikaze1352981d ago

All of these look like crap. I can't find a single good looking Pokemon there >_>

If I were hired as a graphic designer for GameFreak I can definitely come up with better designs myself

ABizzel12981d ago

I'm with you. Most of them look like Pokemon rejects, next time they should hire some deviantart guys.

Kamikaze1352981d ago

Definitely....if they could pick out the top 10 deviantart members, I'm 100% that they would come up with MUCH better designs. It's like the designers have worked on so many Pokemon that they've lost inspiration or the will to come up with anything new.

Oh I have a question for Pokemon fans: I recall reading that Voltorb was the inspiration for the Pokeball design....why does that mushroom look like that?

ZombieNinjaPanda2981d ago


Lack of creativity I suppose? There's a lot of pokemon this gen that are based on the older ones and just given a few aesthetic changes.

G4drake2981d ago

indeed,some fakemon artist,s are actually damn good.

Quagmire2981d ago

Ice cream pokemon...

there are fucking ICE CREAM POKEMON?!


NabikiTendo2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

or maybe I'm just too blind of a Pokemon game fanboy to realize lol.

ABizzel12981d ago

I'm agree that you're just a blind fanboy, but then again we all are. Their ugly pokemon, but we don't care.

ZombieNinjaPanda2981d ago

Am I looking at some form of Digimon here or something?

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