Ueda Provides Details On The Last Guardian

Originally known as Project Trico, The Last Guardian by Fumito Ueda shares similar style and thematic elements with beloved previous Team Ico titles Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. And that's about all we really knew about the game, at least until Sony's press events at Tokyo Game Show. The team launched a new trailer during Sony's press conference and unveiled a release date after having gone dark with the project for several expos, but of course still kept details light. Afterward a Team Ico panel was held in a QA format with Ueda where he spilled the following details on this highly anticipated title.

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N4GAddict2952d ago

The TGS trailer was unbelievable

rockleex2952d ago

I think it could end with the creature finally maturing enough to grow wings and take the boy with him out of this place.

If you look, you'll notice the creature has little wings that aren't fully grown yet.

rdgneoz32952d ago

"I don't think this game will end with a sad ending"

/\ Creature dies saving / protecting the little boy is one way.

Dude Dutch2952d ago

I am not going to play this game, but I am going to be absorbed in it. The trailer already has more "soul" than many finished games. Still it is more than a year away.
Imagine what it will look like......

Great to have a PS3

DaTruth2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

"Still it is more than a year away."


Strange, I'm more hyped for the collection then for this! I never played SotC and been mad years since I played Ico, so it's like a new game.

house2952d ago

this game is anything like ico and sotc its going to be a very very good and beautiful game hate the fact that i have to wait a whole year to play it but the more time they have to make the game the more beautiful it will be i say take your time even if it kills me inside lol

Trevsticles2952d ago

The article mentions the rumors that TLG will have a sad ending like its "predecessors." Shouldn't that be singular? Ico didn't have a sad ending, not if you stuck around after the credits.

rockleex2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Both were sad at first, then you realize what happens after... then its not so sad.

BABY-JEDI2952d ago

It requires you to the player to look after Trico like a pet LoL (in a good way) & you make the good ending. Take out arrows to recover health ect.. Ico had a happy ending, but you had to earn that ; )

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