GameSpot: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer Impressions

GameSpot writes: "Since 2006, we've been shown very few trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and as of now, there is very little information on the game itself and how it will play. We know it will be on the PlayStation 3, and it is set in the world of Final Fantasy XIII. Like Final Fantasy Agito XIII, it's part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII compilation. The most interesting piece of information that was revealed in the trailer at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show is that a Fabula Nova Crystallis conference is going to be held on January 11, 2011".

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Otheros002958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Square please release the trailer already!

knightdarkbox2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Guys I hate to break it to you, but I have a feeling this will go multiplatform.

Also keep note that FFXIII has been recently given the Xbox 360 treatment in Japan, where Square Enix constantly said it'll be kept as an exclusive there. So...anything can happen I guess.

Kurisu2958d ago

I'm definitely not getting my hopes up for PS3 exclusivity.

HydraxFFx2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I don't give a shit if it goes to 360 as long as the PS3 version isn't held back.

DrillaKid2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

if it does go multiplatform it'll be 6 months-1 year after the initial ps3 release like Mass Effect2; i mean the ps3 version alone is taking forever and i dont think they have the time now to port it over.

ico922958d ago

mabey it will mabey it won't but what on earth does FFV13 multiplatform rumor have to do with this article ?

A Cupcake for Gabe2958d ago

First of all knightdarkbox, you don't hate to break any bad PS3 news. Which is odd cause you never played FFXIII even on your 360.

Second, this game is designed with the PS3 in mind, the engine and technology is built around it. FFXIII had to be delayed to use a weaker more 360 friendly engine. Square is wasting their time, with the terrible sales of their 360 games. But MS pays so more power to them.

Third, Square is on their last limb. They have made such a sour taste in their mouth, this is the onlything that will redeem them is to put out a really well made PS3 game. Sorry but maybe next year when Halo is finally rested the 360 community will be finally ready to expand their minds into more creative genres. But until then, the JRPG can either go Wii/PSP/DS/PS3 or flop on the 360(minus Last Odysey which I belive was about 2mil total)

Game-ur2958d ago

I think it was delayed to port to the 360

iPad2958d ago

I don't really mind if it goes multiplatform.

As long as they don't cut anything from the game so the 360 can handle it(LOL) then I'm OK with it

ReservoirDog3162958d ago

As long as it's good, who cares?

Really, I wouldn't shoot SE for making a great game these days, regardless of which platform it's on.

Rybakov2958d ago

course they said it is gonna be multiplatform they just didn't say what system even tho there is only on other one

DigitalAnalog2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Remember what Nomura said. It is NOT about the graphics but more amount of movement and things you can do in this game. I'm guessing content. FF7 was 3GB long and that was a PSX title. So I wouldn't be surprised if this used 40GB in this game (if he really wants to go ambitious) compared to the 12GB that is FFXIII when he dropped the project.

So you can kiss the multiplat goodbye since that would take more than 8 DVD's in total and NO company is going to do that. 1.2 million FFXIII sales on the 360 would definitely not guarantee such a demand.

-End statement

rdgneoz32958d ago

If it goes multiplat, I hope it doesn't get gimped so it fits on as few as possible disks for the 360. All the content cut from FF XIII...

MadMan002958d ago

I don't see why people even deny it won't be a Multi game I mean SE said the same thing about FFXIII and look at it now...

vsr2958d ago

and xbox owners don't know about this gem,so they won't buy this. FFv13 will easily pass FF13 sales.

mfwahwah2957d ago

FF XIII was never called a PS3 exclusive. They always worded it carefully.

FF V XIII has been called a PS3 exclusive world-wide, and Nomura has said he'd flip if he had to port it.

I don't care what people on the internet think. The odds of this staying exclusive are much better then most of you'd imagine. Just because FFXIII jumped ship does not mean this game will. It's asinine to base your presumptions off of that when there are other facts to consider.

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DORMIN2958d ago

Fucking Squenix, what the hell!?!

Someone needs to find their email address and post it so everyone can spam them to release the HD trailer.
What the hell is the point of these trailers if your not going to show it to your fans?

Godmars2902958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I am honestly sick and tired of them talking about, but not showing, their games. That it literally takes them months to release them to the public after they've been sowing them behind closed doors.

Not because they've become hopelessly full of themselves, though they have, but I'm now convinced its so they can change things if the game goes multiplatform. That they can lower the bar from what's it already been set at with current production.

Kurisu2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I turned 16 a week after FFXIII and Versus were announced. I'm 20 now...21 next May. "Months to release them" is the understatement of the year!

The Great Melon2958d ago

I was thinking the same thing as you. I was still in high school when they announced it and now I thinking about grad school. Square Enix should really wait to show stuff to the public and focus on publicizing things that will actually be released in a year.

KiRBY30002958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

sadly, I have to agree with that. :(

they dont wanna show the game's awesomeness because they dont know if they will be able to keep the same level of awesomeness if it goes multiplatform with both versions having to be on par.

ThanatosDMC2958d ago

That sucks if they go multiplat again.

ps360owner092958d ago

They had a closed theater they used to show final fantasy 10 and 12 way back on the ps2 and they even did it during the ps1 era showing their games in a closed theater at the tokyo game show. There is no conspiracy going on here just tradition.

If you are sick of tired of them and worried about their games going multiplatform and the "bar being lowered" don't buy them it's as easy as that.

But stop coming in to every Square enix thread trashing them simply because you are worried about what they are and are not doing. There are plenty of people who still enjoy Square Enix games and if you haven't bought or supported any of their games in recent years you should really shut your mouth because)

A. you don't know what you are talking about and

B. You seem to think multiplatform automatically equals a lower quality game which is something only fanboys believe. You want them to only support your preferred system which means you are not a true fan. A true fan support the games no matter what system they are on.

Reibooi2957d ago

I have to say I agree and I disagree with your comment.

On one half you are 100% right that the closed Mega Theater for the trailers SE shows is something of a tradition they have been doing it for quite some time and it's done to give people who are fans of SE something exclusive to look forward to. People need to remember that the later days of TGS are open to the public and alot of those people get into the closed theater to see these trailers and the fact that they cannot see them anywhere else makes it's something special for them.

Also the fact that the public is viewing these makes everyone else idea that they are not showing something so no one would have see it before they gimp it for Multi plat makes that point moot. 1000's upon 1000's of people see these trailers at TGS and only a small fraction of those people are the gaming press so why people are saying this I will never understand.

Now as for the part I disagree with. Being Multi plat form DOES affect the quality of a game. While it's not a guarantee for the game to be bad in the case of a game like VS XIII it is a guarantee that the game will look less incredible and less detailed.

Proof of this is the Final Fantasy XIII demo that came with the Advent Children Blu-ray. The demo was from a build of the game BEFORE it was announced Multi plat and it's obvious for anyone who has played that demo and the final version of that the game was gimped even on the PS3. Nothing looked as sharp and as detailed as that demo and the only thing that changed during the time that demo was made and the final release was the fact that it went to the 360. The fact was SE could not make a game on PS3 that could not be done on 360. The graphical fidelity the game had as a exclusive was more then the 360 could out put as they were using the PS3 to it's fullest.

Unicron2958d ago

SE has become quite the joke. Pity.

-Ikon-2958d ago

Dude I dont care what Square does. All that matters to me is I KNOW Tetsuya Nomura WILL DELIVER hes a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!

Game-ur2958d ago

But Wada is on his ass, the Genius will be corrupted.

skynidas2958d ago

I want to see that trailer. Stupid Square Enix.

DrillaKid2958d ago

Is this the same trailer that was supposed "to make us shake"?

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