Haze: Drug overdosing best way to kill enemies

Free Radical has released new info on the way that the players can kill their enemies...

1. Nectar Grenade: By ripping the Nectar pack off the back of a dead soldier, you can strap it onto a grenade. When it goes off, the cloud of yellow gas will make any Mantel trooper in the vicinity overdose.

2. Nectar Knife: When you make a Nectar Grenade, you can smear the stuff on the blade of your knife. So, if you melee or throw it at someone, they'll overdose.

3. Nectar Pack Shot: The round yellow disc on the back on each Mantel trooper is his Nectar Pack. It's tricky, but if you can get a clear shot or melee it, you'll make it malfunction and pump too much Nectar into the poor bad guy's bloodstream – another overdose situation.

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ALI-G4077d ago

JACK RETARD THOMSON is not aware of this game yet

prunchess4077d ago

I've been a big Free Radical fan for many years now and I have yet to come across a bad game that they have made. I'm expecting big things from HAZE. My son and I still play Timesplitters 2 and Future Perfect on the PS2. The N64 still gets dusted off once in a while to show others how good a job they did on Goldeneye.

Ahhhh4077d ago

hahaha goood ol' N64 Goldeneye was awesome.

mighty_douche4077d ago

this game becomes more interesting as time goes on, im hoping for quite alot out of it! im sure it will be over shadowed by the millions of other fps games coming out over the next six months!

TnS4077d ago

This is the second page from the previous news...

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