HG preview - Medal of Honor

HookedGamers writes: "It was back in 1999 that Medal of Honor was released by EA on to the PlayStation. Reviewers at the time were surprised to find such a quality FPS that wasn't a port of a PC game. Adjectives like 'authentic' and 'realistic' were used, with the AI particularly standing out. Realism was an element carried throughout the series, one that reached its peak with the Saving Private Ryan inspired D-Day opening sequence in Medal of Honor: Frontline. Unfortunately, the series became somewhat overshadowed by copycat shooters such as the ever popular Call of Duty series. Medal of Honor fell behind the trends, staying in WWII rather than making the shift to modern shooters. Finally, in 2010, the series is being rebooted and updated to compete with the latest and greatest FPSs. Medal of Honor is an attempt to hark back to that original genre-leading game, but is it too late to take back the crown?"

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