Sony Readying New Hardware

Andriasang: Sony had its latest lineup of PlayStation 3 and PSP hardware on display at its Tokyo Game Show booth earlier today.

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Joule3045d ago

I want the pink control

WhittO3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I think they should give the Slim a little update visually, maybe add a little chrome somewhere etc, it is very bare and basic atm, especially compared to how good the 60gb looks.

Off-Topic, I'm P/O at my Slim since the fans seem to be more noticeable than my old 60gb!! They are higher pitched so I can hear them alot clearer, sounds like the 60gb at full speed only from as soon as you start up. I know its not just mine because my m8s sound the same, I think people were really exaggerating saying you have to put your ear to it to hear anything at all.

Blaine3044d ago

When I first got my slim I could hardly hear it at all.

Now it's a bit louder at times, but it never gets anywhere near as loud as my phat used to get.

raztad3044d ago


Time for you to clean you PS3 in. Probably dust and stuff are obstructing the fans. A vaccum cleaner is recommended.

RedDragan3044d ago

A vacuum cleaner? I say a Dyson Cleaner should be used!

That machine is just so epic it deserves it's own category! XD

WhittO3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Ok, just tested it and turning it on the fans are quite quiet and can barely hear it, but after about 10 min of gaming and the fans kick into next gear it is really noticeable because it's like a sort of high-pitched whine, not really loud in terms of overload lol, more in terms of the higher pitched noise compared to the phat 60gb.

I was thinking of taking it back since I've read online many people have this "problem", where some are totally silent and others you can hear quite well due to the higher pitched noise. But I have already transferred all of my stuff off my phat and wiped that so I would have no backup lol.

Just so I know, after about an hour of gaming, can you hear your Slim from say, 3-4 metres away from it?

(Also, my ps3 has great space all around, entire shelf to itself that is totally open, room isn't really hot, totally free of dust as I clean&Vacuum every week etc.)

Motion3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I have one of the later phat versions, the 80Gig, and that thing is SILENT. I seriously have to have my head within a foot or two in a near silent room to hear anything coming out of it.

rockleex3044d ago

Or does the PS3 slim match classic white more then black?

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R_aVe_N3045d ago

you can pre-order them on amazon already

Joule3045d ago

thanks for the heads up

Hydrolex3045d ago

I thought " I want the pink controller " was a joke !

but so you are ... hmm you are ... catcher or pitcher ?

dantesparda3045d ago

He likes to catch and pitch, lol! just kidding player

gtamike3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

omega4 wants these
P.S. press F5 if page don't load :) <---------------

kaos_fish II3045d ago

Dead links son, dead links..

gamestorecowgirl3045d ago

Let me know how heavy it is if you can. I want a pink one too, but I'd like some heft to the controller.

BYE3044d ago

Pink controller is perfect to play KZ3. It makes you look badass.

Theonik3044d ago

Kz3 needs its own Hello Kity branded controller!

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Kurisu3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I will get a second PS3...

...when Sony makes the WHITE version available in the UK.


westy5523045d ago

Is there any info about the white one coming to the uk??

Kurisu3044d ago

Not that I know of :(

PirosThe4th3044d ago

to think when i go my 40gb from japan. They run out of white ps3. I was going to get one. But got a Japanese black one instead...
I guess if i had the white one now. I could easily sell it for a lot and buy a black one... >___>

vhero3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I would get the White PS3 and the White and Blue PSP they are both lovely! Why don't sony ever release these things outside Japan to retail stores?? They would sell loads but they decide to either make Japan only or limited edition (like with PS2).

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Sigh3045d ago

my god I want that monster hunter psp... So beautiful!

Kurisu3045d ago

There's a serial dis-agreer on the loose!

Motorola3045d ago

Who cares about that 1 loser that disagrees. Just think of random disagree-ers as people walking up to you for no reason and just saying DISAGREE even though u said nothing. What would u do? Ignore them. What to do with these losers? Ignore

DaTruth3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Reminds me of that N4G video. Lol!


GuruStarr783045d ago

I'm not into monster hunter, but I really like that new PSP with a new concave analog stick and extended battery......I might have to import it.....

CobraKai3045d ago

I know. I need a new PSP and that one looks dope!!

Sigh3045d ago

and a jealous disagreer is on the loose lol.

ELite_Ghost3045d ago

theres 2
could be the same guy with dif accounts XD

Close_Second3045d ago

...much about the PSP Go...

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