Kombo News | The Last Guardian Developer's Sexist Remarks writes: Ueda and his team thought it was more realistic that a boy would have the "grip strength" to climb around in the game world. In addition to that, if they made the main character a boy, they wouldn't have to worry about the inevitable up-skirt camera shots that would result from a female character climbing a wall.

What? I know that there is a cultural gap between Japan and the west, but this just seems archaic. Japanese developers have received heat in the past for their portrayal of blacks in Resident Evil 5. In that case the defense was that there aren't many black people in Japan, and so they can't really be expected to be sensitive to that issue.

Well, are there no women in Japan? Or are there only sex objects with female characteristics?

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Seijoru2958d ago

What he said makes sense to me. Think of all the pedophiles getting the game just to look up a girl's skirt.

JeffGrubb2958d ago


Do you live on a polygamist compound?

SnuggleBandit2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

only a feminist would make something out of nothing here...

"Grip strength"
uh, ya a male would have more grip strength than a female...facts are facts. The human anatomy must be sexist i guess / s

uh, remind me again who wants to see up a little girl's skirt?

JeffGrubb2958d ago

So, we are just ignoring the fact that the girl could wear pants?

wicko2958d ago

So are you just ignoring the fact that boys tend to be stronger than girls?

These people (including you) need to get over themselves and not take offense to every minor comment and twist it in directions it was never intended.

Girls and guys are not equal, get over it.

RyuStrife2958d ago

So we're just ignoring that the game is done with it's design on this specific character? Will reviewers remove points for this being mentioned at this point? Are you not going to buy because the game has a male character? At this point, the game is in full development with the character done. Why are you complaining now? If you want to know why it couldn't be done with a girl in pants, go twitter Ueda-san.

JeffGrubb2958d ago

Of course, on average, a boy is stronger than a girl, but women are capable of climbing. There are female rock climber, there are women who are strong enough to climb just about anything.

The obtuseness of the thinking about gender on a gaming website shouldn't be that surprising, but you honestly don't think that they could have justified a girl being able to climb?

Watch, I'll do it.

"This girl grew up in a mountainous region where the girls are as strong as the boys... also, they wear pants..."

Both problems solved.

JeffGrubb2958d ago

And here is the biggest problem.

You all just accept is reasoning and even defend it. The only reason they changed it from a girl to a boy is because they were too lazy to think up the reasoning that took me less than ten seconds to type out.

And because they are lazy and all of you acquiesce with their half-baked reasoning, we continue to let gaming atrophy and become more and more of a joke.

This isn't a conspiracy or even that big of a deal. It is just indicative of way of thinking that should be put out to pasture. If they have a legitimate reason for picking the specific gender of their protagonist then good for them.

The real issue with this is that all of you are so quick to jump on board with that faulty reasoning.

pixelsword2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

@ JeffGrubb

Have you ever talked to an African, not a black guy, but an African on Resident Evil 5?

Do you think that it was racist? Not that there were black zombies, but the portrayal of the actions of the Africans?

or that Sheeva was an Aussie and not an African?

I mean, I don't want to be a masher, but I believe that if you think this is sexist, you ought to have seen RE5 as racist, and if so, why when you are not an African nor a woman.

and if not, why do you think that Japan can be sexist but not racist, seeing that not only they are a global culture, but they have a large African population?

Again, just curious.

Cevapi882958d ago

i find it funny how they bring up RE5 for no matter...."their portrayal of blacks"....hmmm its a RE game with zombies...the moment you give them some color its racist...that argument pissed me off and the fact that capcom caved pissed me off even just made me facepalm that people are still bringing such an old issue....i thought we got over the whole color barrier between people....yet when RE comes out and puts black zombies in a game for the 1st TIME its all of a sudden a problem....and the fact that this article likes to bring up a boy vs girl issue...its up there in retarded articles just like the one dealing with RE

wicko2958d ago

So you think he spilled the beans and gave every reason why they made the change? Sorry but you'd be naive to think they are his only reasons, in fact the reason he gave those is most likely because they are the easiest to explain without going into detail.

The real problems here are people like yourself jumping to conclusions that were never intended. Not to mention dismissing our opinions as "just accepting his reasoning" and "jumping onboard faulty reasoning" as if, you know, there's no way he could be right and we can't think for ourselves.

A Cupcake for Gabe2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

So I will bet $5 that the griffon creature is in fact a girl. She is the one protecting the boy and guiding him. The japanese always represent the girl as a delicate flower with what seems to be a simple siderole, yet under it all, there is always deeper meaning and a power stronger than all. Like Aerith and though she seemed like a simple flower girl, her power saved the world. She was the key, not cloud..So to all the oprah book club members out there who won't even buy this game anyway, STFU. Women are always represented as power houses in games. And japanese note things like human anatomy. girls generally dont have the upper body strength, but the do have the lower body. But in all honesty, who cares? You can nitpick all day but that won't change the fact that this is going to be an emotionally amazing adventure.

Trebius2958d ago

You seem so insulted for no reason.

The reasons a male would play the protagonist as opposed to a female are obvious.

Just how 90% of all games have a male protagonist, and when it's a female, they make her big-breasted and half naked, ala bayonetta. Even Amy from RE4 worse a skirt and look at the amount of attention THAT got from pervs everywhere.

Quit arguing over something thats not a serious issue.

Go play a video game and cool off.

Millah2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Why do people need to feel offended over every little thing? These feminists get all worked up over so many things that aren't intentional or really all that offensive and take things way out of context.

If Japanese women aren't offended by it, then why should you be? Don't play the victim for every little thing that isn't even directed towards you. Its incredibly smug and obnoxious. Just because we live in a culture that fosters and babies all the sensitive sallies over here, doesn't mean all other cultures are like that nor should they have to be. Japan has a different culture, and its not our place to comment on it or try to change it. People really need to mind their own damn business.

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Christopher2958d ago

I think the author of this article is really grasping at straws.

Jamegohanssj52958d ago

Funny is I mentioned something aboot this lol.



''they wouldn't have to worry about the inevitable up-skirt camera shots that would result from a female character climbing a wall. ''

I agree.

Like in RE4, by accident I saw the panties of Ashley.

UnwanteDreamz2958d ago

LOL I find that funny cause usually when you tried she asked what you were doing and called you a pervert or something like that.

Philoctetes2958d ago

I'm not seeing the sexism here. Udea is right on both counts.

Lombax2958d ago

He wanted to avoid millions of men staring at a girls ass instead of admiring the world he created.


ShadowPraxis2958d ago

I do have to point out your appropriate use of the term "oblivious sexism" - it's fucking Japan. They still have their head on backwards about a LOT of stuff - oblivious is the best way to put it.

Still, feels like people over reacting to me. Does it excuse what they said? No. But it's times like these that I exercise my old mantra "LOL Japan."

Takoulya2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

He is right on both accounts. I know girls may feel bad about this, but honestly, get over it. The male anatomy is naturally stronger than a female's by default. Male characters have been the norm for a while, it's being judged as if it's a foreign concept.

Also, what about Capcom's portrayal of blacks in RE5? If that is a bad thing, shouldn't the portrayal of white people in RE4 be frowned upon, too? If not, isn't that double standards?

Crusade2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Ok so NOW the spaniards in RE4 are considered white. Because before everyone called the spaniards in re4 hispanic and said they were playing favorites with minorities by pointing out re5 and not re4. And I'm pretty sure you're a white person in every resident evil game. A lot of white people are complaining about the movie machete because it's a mexican killing a bunch of white people. A LOT of white people are and saying it'll provoke some kind of race war. White person kills non-white people= just entertainment. Non-white person killing white people= race war propaganda.

wicko2958d ago

Wtf are you talking about? I seriously doubt anyone is complaining about machete, and if they are then they are also morons.

hazelamy2958d ago

and women are naturally lighter therefore needing to lift less weight.

i keep saying this but look at ico.