Devil May Cry Reboot stars scrawny emo Dante; impressive looking action

"Despite whatever misgivings you might have about everyone's favorite half-demon badass getting a scenester make-over and a plot reboot, Thumbfuckers think it is about damn time."

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crxss2956d ago

I love the new Dante and the old DMC3 Dante. new Dante reminds me of a badass Toby Kebbell aka Johnny Quid from Rocknrolla. Watch it and maybe your opinion will change.

Kalowest2956d ago

I watched the trailer, and i hated it.

Trebius2956d ago

Haha, I know that's very nit-picky of me ... but it's really feminine.

Im not a huge fan of the change, but some friends of mine seem to be interested in the game now and werent before for some reason ... so it must appeal to more people without the white hair.

As much as I'll hate the new look, i'm still buying it.

DaTruth2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )


I'm not an editing Nazi, but sometimes...

ChineseDemocracy2956d ago

I'm going to get myself an emo cut and blast My Chemical Romance while crying tears of hatred when playing this game. After slicing my wrists of course.

ThanatosDMC2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Here's to hoping the meth head is just a clone of Dante. Trying to clone the son of Sparda should explain Nero too having the blood of Sparda. Damnit, the they screwed up the story all over the place.

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CaJuaLFeatPuFF2956d ago

The new dante look like a shaved baby monkey

[email protected]2955d ago

Kalowest... thats exactly my feeling.

DigitalAnalog2955d ago

Don't call it "DEVIL MAY CRY". It would solve this problem, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

-End statement

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FaceheadMcgee2957d ago

I think i can put up with him if the game doesnt suck

TronEOL2956d ago

Wow, I'm laughing at how the majority of our society can't tell the difference between an emo look and a punk look.

I firmly believe this is how Dante should look, or be, given what he has to go through and learn about himself. I highly doubt he was born wanting to be the son of a demon lord.

Time to go into damage control mode, once again (for the mentally handicap of the interwebs).
1. He looks young.
2. His hair is black, yes, but his roots are white. It's not a flashy hairstyle, it's his roots growing back in.
3. He looks to be a trouble maker in this one, and NO (due to popular belief) Dante was not born knowing everything it is to know about being the Son of Sparta. He had to learn about his upbringing somewhere.

DMC3 was a prequel, yes. But it absolutely failed to explain how Dante became Dante. It just started when he first had his shop up and running.

Give this game a chance, and wait until we see the full game.

Every single comedy starts (or has) with some sort of tragedy. Dante wasn't born cocky. He most likely got his ass kicked first.

VileAndVicious2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I agree with most of what your saying. It would be great if this was a true sequel (though honestly id be happy with just a continuation of the already existing series) My first houghts on this trailer when I first saw it was dante during his tony red grave days.

But I think the majority of people would agree this variation of dante looks and moves somewhat feminine. Also many are worried that this may have absolutely nothing to do with the previous DMC games which would suck.

But your right. All we can do is wait and see.

vickers5002956d ago

I still don't want to be playing as a meth addicted character from Twilight.

Saladfax2956d ago

As much as I don't in particular disagree with you, someone had to have said somewhere along the development line that this Dante bore a relative similarity to the Robert Pattinson portrayal of glitter-vampire Edward.

Considering what I'd expect to be a pretty minimal fan overlap between Twilight and DMC, this seems like a mistake.

Trebius2956d ago

I absolutely agree with you, though many others might not.

There's a BIG picture...

Cant just look at him and not wonder what's the method to their madness.

I'm sure everything's going to pull together really well and it'll be a solid game for all of us to enjoy.

ZombieAutopsy2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I believe it will be a good game no doubt thats not the problem for most, it's the character change and the fact that they rebooted the series.

The whole mistaking emo for punk thing though doesnt really hold up, all emo really did was steal it's look from punk/goth (funny thing is most people don't know DMC was a gothic game) but the hair cut looks like a MODERN day emo cut (unless you count bands like greenday and such as punk which no one should)

TheMutator2956d ago

is Sparda you know , no Sparta

ThanatosDMC2955d ago

It just means he's never played DMC or is just here to troll.

ThanatosDMC2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

How Dante became Dante? Dante and Vergil were trained by Sparda with his swordmastery when they were young. LDK died. Demons/Devils attacked Eva and her sons. Eva hid Dante in somewhere and Dante saw his mom die in the hands of demons. Vergil ran outside the house while getting attacked by demons while he was about to die Vergil awakened and slaughtered everybody.

Dante hid as Tony Redgrave and worked as a mercenary... etc. The story is in the first novel or was it the manga. It also showed that no matter where Dante/Tony went he was constantly attacked by demons. They hate his family so much.

DMC1 intro:

Dante was probably crying a lot since he was alone and he wasnt as powerful after the death of his mother and the disappearance of Vergil. In the anime, it showed the lady that took care of Dante when he was a kid. He was still young (around 10-12) he had full silver hair all ready. The whole town was killed and burned to the ground by demons looking for Dante. It's in DMC Anime episode 8 called "Once Upon a Time".

"A man named Ernest insists that Dante is his childhood friend, Anthony, and that he and his mother used to live in his small town, before being banished by the townspeople, after a devil attacked, twenty years ago. Dante hesitantly plays along, but continues to deny the claim. "

(yeah, im a DMC fanboy)

Kalowest2955d ago

Damn, it looks like somebody did their homework.

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SexyPrawns2956d ago

Two things people bash to make themselves feel "awesome":

1) Emo kids
2) Twilight

This lets you do both! So, let the overcompensation begin!!!

dorron2956d ago

Maybe people REALLY hate both emo kids and twilight. Have you thought about that posibility?

Snakefist302956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

Thats y u like this Dante so much because ur an EMO too.This DMC 5 is pure shit.Emo and Twilight combined together to make an ultimate Gay game tat is DMC 5.

SexyPrawns2956d ago

I'm an Emo too? Where are you getting this information? I have short hair, carpenter jeans, and a Seinfeld shirt on. I've never been particularly sad either.

I'd love to chat at you sometime. I like various genres of music, surfing, and eating at TGI Fridays.


You, sir, are an idiot.

vickers5002956d ago

People bash emo kids because the majority of them are whiny crybabies who act like they have it so bad in life, when in reality, they have it a 1000x better than most people out there. These whiny little emo kids b*tch about not being able to find true love (when they're only F'ng 16 years old) or having a boyfriend/girlfriend, or complain about their parents being too controlling and not letting them smoke/drink/cut themselves/do something else that's bad for them, etc.

These people b*tch and whine, wish they were dead, as if their lives are so damn bad. Frankly, it's annoying, and I'm sick and tired of hearing it. Their complaints are incredibly insulting and are a slap in the face to those that actually DO have it bad, like the people that live in poverty, the people that live in third world countries, people that have actually lost loved ones or have seen someone close to them self destruct on drugs/alcohol.

And what's worse, is that these people think those reasons I stated earlier (relationship problems, caring parents)are enough justification to kill themselves, and actually go through with it, leaving their families to suffer. This emo trend is F'ng sickening and is encouraging suicides and crybaby attention seeking.

For the very small percentage of emos that DO actually have reasons to be sad, I sympathize, truly I do, but it's no reason to take up some crappy little fashion trend and give up on life completely.

That's why I personally hate Emos (the majority of them anyways).

As for Twilight?

velaxun2956d ago

That was amazing. And accuratly portrays my exact feelings abot emos. Bubs up

rezzah2955d ago

Nicely put, Bubbles +

CoxMulder2955d ago

You know this emo-fad is something you teenage brats came up with a few years ago, right? these days

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Lombax2956d ago

Stop videotaping yourself crying in a broken mirror, give you sister her pants back, and tell your mom what really happened to her New Moon dvd.

rezzah2955d ago

I dont see this often but its weird when guys wear girl jeans.

SexyPrawns2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

1) I have a fauxhawk.
2) You guys are really proving my point well.
3) I'm not defending this new look. I'm just appaulled by the lack of self-awareness you people have.
4) Grow up.

An "Emo" is a kid who is emotional. Judging from the responses I got, I assume that describes the majority of you.

A kid who wears skinny jeans, grows his hair out, and goes to concerts is called either a "hipster" or "scene kid".

You have to social knowledge of a 90's Jr. High female.

I've never worn skinny jeans in my life and I don't think the Twilight movies are that good.

You guys are just completely hopeless and I wanted to point out to you that you would respond with hopeless comments. You're predictable and immature.

Edit: Disagree all you want. When Casablanca came out, guys bashed it to each other all the time to feel "cool". It's a vicious cycle...and you're all feeding the monster.

MisfitSmurf2956d ago

1) there is a difference between scene and emo kids. and just because Emo stands for emotional doesnt mean that it does not have a appearance style. Scene= causing a scene were ever you go. which could be anyone who is just loud and annoying, yet they have their own get-up.
2)So having long hair and going to concerts makes you a hipster or scene kid? my hair is almost down to my waist and i go to concerts all the time. Does that make me one of them ? No.
3)more than emos/hipsters/scene kids wear skinny jeans (skaters,Old metalheads,people that just like them, etc.
4)"social knowledge of a 90's Jr. High female. " So now youre a sexist ?
5)There are plenty of scene kids that have a Fauxhawk.

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NovusTerminus2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I have a feeling that the the lack of Yuji Shimomura is going to hurt this game.

The action in the game trailer was decent however the swordplay and everything was rather basic.

But yeah, this is a punk look. Not an emo.

rezzah2955d ago

Personally didnt like the way he used his guns. Seemed like his arms were just waving around. Compared to Dante (the real one) who shows power, true skills with an uncomparable style when he fights.