5.0 HAWX 2 Review

After a successful venture into the realm of the flight simulator 18 months ago, Tom Clancy is back with HAWX 2. This time there are a few new features, such as the ability to actually land and take off, but the developers surely hoped that this sequel would allow the franchise to reach the acclaim of Tom Clancy's other franchises. Unfortunately, it's difficult to see that happening based on the evidence.

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jerethdagryphon2952d ago

exceptionally harsh review, and fairly wrong in some aspects

your ai allys do do things however there missiles do 10% damage to a target rather then your 40-50%

there is an audivble missile lock warning which is usesful adittionally your allys call out if youve been locked as well.

story well its a clancy game, moreover its a clacy game thats telling the story of another clany game from another view, the story is the same as ghost recon future warrior.
in other words any predator missiles and airstikes in the ghosts game are probobly the ones you fired in hawx.... linked storys

targeting does need work as it defualts to whatevers closet to your reticule. its not a 10/10 game nor is it a 5/10 7-8/10 is fair

Coramoor_2952d ago

well i played the first one, and thought it was total garbage, never played the second but from my experience with the first one this review seems in line

JDouglasGU2952d ago

agreed. i didn't enjoy the first one either, but had a friend who sunk quite a bit of time into it.