The CouchMercenaries Overseas Connection Podcast #81

Episode 81 - It’s Halo Day!

The Overseas Connection brings in some young blood to fill in the empty seat as CPM1976 is still m.i.a. (code for playing pretend baby). Join Murphys Law, Skulduggerer, Chin Chinny, and new comer Vartell as we hold video game court on this holy day known as Halo Reach Release. We do cover other games, game news, new releases, what we are playing and feed back from the community too.

Topics Covered this week:

What mode are you looking forward to most in Halo Reach?
Top 10 U.K. Software Sales for the week
Top 10 PS3 games according to IGN.
PSN+ Betas are extra exclusive.
Supreme Court case on violent video games heats up.
Dedicated Servers are in for Black Ops…but you gotta pay.
Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta delayed.
August NPD’s come in.
Trials HD boasts 1 million sold on XBLA.

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