Team Objective based multiplayer modes gets no love in Halo: Reach?

From my experience, it would appear that the popular weapon set of choice is Snipers/BMR and the popular mode of choice is slayer or any variant of it such as Elite Slayer or SWAT. I have played many matches of Big Team Battle and I have yet to play in a team objective mode as ALL of the votes normally go to the slayer based mode while I’m usually the only person voting for an objective base game like Territories, 1 CTF, or Multiple CTF. If it’s not Snipers, then its Slayer, if it’s not Slayer then its SWAT and so on.

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ddelella3007d ago

I play big team almost every night and we mainly play CTF, Headhunter, and the occasional slayer. The problem with Big Team is not the game selection but the board selection. There are never more than 3 maps for the playlist. They need to open this up and just have a crazy killfest on a small map with 16 people. Like Lockout...Relfection!