320 GB White PS3 confirmed for Japan

PSB : Sony Japan just confirmed that they will be releasing a 320 GB white PS3. This is the first time ever that such a huge HDD equipped PS3 will be releasing in white colors in Japan.

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cyborg2958d ago

owning one of these beauties <3

TheColbertinator2958d ago

I would pick this up along with the GT5 Collectors Edition.Now that would be a great day

cyborg2958d ago

I hope it is announced for the UK aswell before GT 5 releases, I will surely be picking up one myself

blackpanther252958d ago

I am going to go canal street to get this........although it may cost a little more

supremacy2958d ago

But what does it mean to those living outside japan or the rest of the world for that matter?

Now when something like this gets announced for the u.s and the rest of the world than I would go all out for one of these. Sony has to try just a little harder, and start releasing different colors world wide. You know give people that choice and let them decide which one they want.

Believe me sales will be much better, not like they arent doing good or anything. But sales could climb higher for sure.

cyborg2958d ago

this should be coming to the US and Europe at a later that aswell...well atleast if Sony has any sense in them. We also like elegant stuff you know!

2957d ago