Play Halo and all other Xbox 360 games on your PC with 'The Big O'

Post reads: "The Big O is a PC loaded with an Xbox 360 to eliminate the consumer from having to choose between either a PC and an Xbox 360. It combines them both to give you the ultimate gaming machine."

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Raikiri2953d ago

nice way to market that thing using halo..

MisterNiwa2953d ago

Thats a big Ohhh you got here!

Dramscus2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

So thats for the three or four games worth playing on the xbox that aren't on the pc?

I'd rather have a pc with a playsation in it. You know for all the exclusives.

pangitkqb2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

And the entry level configuration of this thing is over $7,600.00 USD!

Now, the components are impressive - liquid cooled everything including the 360, overclocked i7 930, 12X Blu-ray burner, SLI Nvidia GTX 480, and plenty of other bells and whistles - but SWEET HOLY MOTHER! $7669.00? How many people are out there with that kind of money and willing to part with it for games?

Oh well, it's still cool.

Red_Orange_Juice2953d ago

8.000 bucks and can't play Uncharted.

Go figure.

Sarcasm2952d ago

It makes you wonder for people who want to play Halo, why not just spend the $200-$300 on a 360 and skip the $7300 PC. O_O

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nycredude2953d ago

As much as this monstrosity cost it should be able to upgrade the xbox 360 games that aren't available on the pc to PC level graphics!!!

Game-ur2953d ago

The anime series was great check it out.

smilydude132953d ago

Wow, somebody actually got it. Kudos.

Megaton2953d ago

That's the first thing I thought of, the anime.

Simco8762953d ago

Sounds cool, I will not be getting one.

Xbox fans can rejoice about not having to worry about RROD or RDOD!

HDgamer2953d ago

The perfect 360 emulator lol.

Zinc2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

In my opinion, this thing is a waste of money. You would spend far less and be just as happy - if not more- by owning a gaming PC and an Xbox separately.

My god this thing costs like $7,000 for the base model and $14,000 with all the 'upgrades'. This is absurd. Go and build your own for about $1000.00 (including the price of an Xbox)

Dramscus2953d ago

I think most of that is spent on the cooling system, and having everything organized in it properly.
You just stick them together half assed like and the xbox would burn out. Well if you had the pc on at the same time.

OhReginald2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

gaming PC- $900

Xbox 360 slim - $300

You spend $1200. Why spend $5800 more for the same thing?

and that $14000...who in the hell would buy that? i can get a REALLY amazing motorcycle with that price. Hell even a nice used sports car.

nycredude2953d ago

That is fair point but that 900 pc is nowhere near as powerful as this thing. Did you guys read the specs? You won't need a new computer for like 10 years!!!

Sarcasm2952d ago

This is obviously targeted at an extremely Niche market.

But extremely, I'm talkin' about the one guy who's probably going to be labeled as the only guy who bought one. Yeah, THAT guy.

PRHB HYBRiiD2953d ago

$7 big ones i could buy 3 ps3's (like the guy on youtube) 3 xbox 360 3 wii's 3 decent gaming pc's and 3 big macs.

peowpeow2953d ago

Don't forget the annoying orange.

"Hey apples"

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