Shopto.Net offering "the best" deals on Gran Turismo 5 and Medal of Honor

PSB : Shopto.Net just sent us a pr claiming that they have the "best deals" of offer for both Gran Turismo 5 and Medal of Honor. Both of these titles are being sold for £34.85 on the retailer's website right now.

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jammy_702956d ago

Ps3 slim 320gb and gt5 special edition for £284? It's on and thinking about getting it

DigitalRaptor2955d ago

Hell yes, that's a great deal! The Collector's Edition alone will cost you £60, so that means you'll be getting you PS3 for about £225.

That's amazing. if you want it, go for it!

That's the cotents of the Collector's Edition of GT5.

There's also a Premium Special Edition that includes more but will cost you like £120. It's up to you, but that bundle is a great deal.

MexicanAppleThief2956d ago

They're great for pre-orders Shop-to. Shame about the credit card fiasco.

Senden2956d ago

Agreed... I have no trust in ShopTo anymore after I received a call from my bank regarding my card details stolen.

sarlucic2956d ago

I agree that it is a shame about the creditcard fiasco. I got my card hacked and so did my friend after ordering from them. I lost some money but my friend lost quite alot more.

r1sh122955d ago

I wasnt a memeber of shop to until recently.
So I never knew about that credit card fiasco, but I use a credit card and Im covered against fraud.

Thecraft19892956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I never had problem with and only place online order from in last 2 years. But had pre order signature edition from game

Just read and it was nothing to do with it was to do with the gateway system being hack meaning 19,000 CC details got uploaded to google this includes and many more companys.

Dirty J2955d ago

still have my GT5 pre order from 2009 for 32,95 pound :P

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The story is too old to be commented.