Final Fantasy Versus XIII TGS trailer summary

Until somebody whips out their cell phone and starts recording, the only way we’ll get to understand what happens in the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII is by summary. Here we have it.

The Versus XIII trailer is basically the post-E3 gameplay images in motion. During one point in the video, we see Noctis running around a wasteland, presumably the one from the images. Then, after arriving at a city reminiscent of Shinjuku, he fights a large Behemoth. Apparently, the quality of gameplay is so high that it’s hard to believe players can actually control what’s being done on screen.

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Sadly everyone who went to the Tokyo Game Show doesn't own a cell phone and don't know what a cell phone is. Why is SE the only company that practices this? every other company shows their trailers TO THE PUBLIC.

SE even said they would MAKE SURE that FFvs13's trailer will be available for the PUBLIC TO SEE! but that all turned out to be a BIG FAT LIE!

Same old SE always lying and hiding from the public.

LordMarius3007d ago

I hate SE, just make Versus multi so I can give a rats ass for this company

Chubear3007d ago

if this game was a 360 exclusive, with the coming Christmas season afoot, SE would release trailers and gameplay footage on every gaming site out the yang to give an edge to the 360 this Christmas so people jump on and buy a 360 in anticipation of the game next year.

Yeah call me delusional but you only have to look at how they've conducted themselves towards these two systems this gen to see clearly.

Darrius Cole3007d ago

I can't fault Microsoft for advertising their products. That is what you do if you want them to sell. MSFT paid SE for the marketing rights and MSFT used those rights after they bought them.

If Sony would get a decent marketing budget for some of its games they would have two or three 10 million sellers as well.

And Please don't make versus multi-plat.

Commander_TK3007d ago

to be to awesome. Tetsuya won't dissapoint

SubZero3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

People need to realize SE has a FF releasing next week. They are not going to overshadow that release with another FF title...That would be a bad call.

Now i know ppl will say but that one is online. That i understand. However SE does not,as some ppl will give it a try. I did with XI, just for the hell of it. Now i have my CE ordered for XIV and ready to play next week.

They are trying to convert some single players into online players. Dont expect to see much on this game until E3 next year...After FFXIV drops on PS3..its just not gonna happen.

keltickennedy3007d ago

Did they say it would be made public at the exact same time it debuted? No. So stop whining and have some F'n patience. It will be online.


We had to wait for flippin years just to see a glimpse of FF13's gameplay and then what happened? it turned out to suck so bad.

That's what happens when you don't show your game to the public, at least then people can complain so that devs know where they went wrong

Kamikaze1353007d ago

Probably because Versus XIII is a long ways away from being done and they select a small audience to get feedback from. If they were to show unfinished ideas to the public, the public would RAGE if they saw something wrong with the game and totally overreact. Just imagine "OMG WHY DOES HIS HAIR MOVE THAT WAY WHEN HE JUMPS?" "WHY DOES HE WALK THAT WAY!?!? THIS GAME IS GONNA SUCK".

I can totally understand why they're keeping a tight lid on it.

DatNJDom813007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I hope they dont make it Multiplat, but I still have a feeling it will. I bet you the 360 version will come out a couple of months to a year later. Then we will find out that they had to cut the game down, AGAIN, to accomodate the 360. How do I know this? They have the japanese bobby kotick on their team. Fail SE fail.

Pootangpie3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

heck I didn't see any 360 fans howling at the moon when Mass effect 2 went Multi seriously STFU you not a developer

mfwahwah3007d ago

What the hell?

Games are shown behind closed doors ALL THE TIME. Calm your jets a little bit. Seeing it still isn't playing it so it's REALLY not that big of a deal. Show some patience.

Schobeleth3007d ago

How some guy can tape 20 minutes (or around that) of Deus Ex: Human Revolution footage behind closed doors at E3 or better yet, someone can tape 15 minutes of the PS3 version of Ni no Kuni IN OPEN PUBLIC at this year's TGS while the booth babe actually walks in front of the camera to explain how to play the game.

What the hell is Square Enix doing to prevent people from sneaking in something, full pat downs and cavity searches? Christ, I wouldn't want to go into one of their private screenings even if I was able to. It just isn't adding up when the public is DEMANDING to see something new, especially after they promised to show something for Versus and Agito.

MadMan003006d ago

And yet people STILL blame the 360 for FFXIII being bad...Wonder when people will understand SE is NOT what they used to be...

jackisgod3006d ago
has videos from closed theatre should have versus trailer up soon

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Cloudberry3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


Closed Theater for the lose. >: (


From the article:

"The whole clip is being described as both “very fantastic” but “very realistic” at the same time, by Famitsu, at least."


Looking forward for the leaked / official trailer then...

Hellsvacancy3007d ago ShowReplies(4)
NabikiTendo3007d ago

why are square enix teasing so much?

Godmars2903007d ago

They've yet to announce a release date, it could be years from now, but they've to realize how bad their rep's become.

Apotheosize3007d ago ShowReplies(2)
bustamove3007d ago

....Didn't they say the trailer would be open to the public?

What's the big secret then? It's about damn time we have a new trailer already. Why do I have bad feelings about this?

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