Kombo | Shadow of the Collossus and Ico HD update playable in 3D

Perhaps the most surprising revelation of the the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus update is that, pending the abilities of your TV, you will be able to play both games in stereoscopic 3D. Finally, a legitimate reason to upgrade to 3D televisions!

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raztad2981d ago

Actually there are many more legitimate reasons to upgrade to 3D, than two updated games. I'm definitely buying ICO collection but games like MS:A are said to be mindblowing in 3D.

AKA2981d ago

Killzone 3
Motorn storn A
Mortal Kombat 3d
And few other games and soon movies are a huge reson to upgrade to a 3d tv if you have the money.
If you don't sell everyting you have to get one ;)