Devil May Cry creator not too fond of new Dante

Hideki Kamiya, creator of the Devil May Cry series, doesn’t seem too fond of Ninja Theory’s new take on protagonist Dante.

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NabikiTendo2954d ago

they turned his beloved creation into shit.

knightdarkbox2954d ago

When franchise reboots go wrong. Shit looks... well, like shit.

EeJLP-2953d ago

He looks a little flamboyant if you know what I mean.. with that haircut and the way he smokes the cigarette.

crzyjackbauer2954d ago

I dont think anybody is to fond of the new dante

avengers19782954d ago

Let's see how bad the destroy this franchise.
I hate reboots, for games or movies or TV shows.
DMC was a great series(if you take out number 2)
and now I don't even know if I'll get this game.

dredgewalker2954d ago

I have already lost my faith in Capcom with this crappy reboot. He looks like a hobo, smokes likes homo and stinks like an emo!!

badz1492954d ago

and who the hell in their right mind thought that this new Dante is any better than THE Dante we loved so much?? IMO reboots are for when a game became stale and downright boring but what went wrong with the series was Nero and the pokemon-like enemies!! what the hell was they thinking putting up colorful clown monsters as enemies? monsters are suppose to be scary, not fvcking POKEMON!! it's like Capcom went the Ubisoft route with PoP and we knew how THAT turned out! I'm 100% feeling that the new Dante is GAY as hell! that's like a b1tch slap in the face for Kamiya san and I really feel for him! RIP Capcom

Information Minister2954d ago

No intelligent life form on this planet is fond of the new Dante.

I'm going to laugh so hard when this game flops.

Quagmire2954d ago

I didnt realise a single game character design held the balance between a hit and a flop

Eamon2953d ago

lol, Quagmire, Dante made a lot of us LOVE Devil May Cry.

Of course, the gameplay was just awesome. This time it's not made by the same developers (who are now Platinum) but made by Ninja Theory.

Information Minister2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

True, but the character design is just the tip of the iceberg. It symbolizes a radical departure from the franchise's mythos and style, that I'm not sure was desired by any fan. I certainly don't remember asking for it. It looks like a completely different IP!

Bottom line, throughout the years DMC has established a fanbase that came to expect a very specific type of gameplay/presentation/style/ experience from the franchise. This is not it. This is NOT it!

RageAgainstTheMShine2953d ago

Resident Evil 2
Devil May Cry
Viewtiful Joe

you can't get anymore genius than that

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DigitalAnalog2954d ago

This pretty much confirms our assertions. First, Shinji Mikami refuses to PLAY Biohazard 5/Resident Evil 5. Now Hideki Kamiya is not to fond with this......

"Twilight-may-cry" character.

I see a VERY strong pattern here. What's next, the Street Fighter creator leaves and capcom sends it off to the "westernization" factory?

-End statement

topdawg1222953d ago

Did this franchise really need a reboot? What was wrong with the old Dante? One of the greatest characters in gaming imo.
I'm not too fond of ninja theory taking the reigns for this either, i don't think they can really make a great technical action game. Heavenly sword was pretty stiff in terms of action.
I hope they prove me wrong.

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ActionBastard2954d ago

I agree. I'm not too fond of him either. But I do like Ninja Theory and will give it a try.

Raikiri2954d ago

Nobody is...

Honestly i never completed a Devil May Cry game but I know what Dante looks like and what he's supposed to be and this is not how he looks like or supposed to be

tunaks12954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

is this supposed to be a twilight game?
Because it looks like one

Snakefist302954d ago

I hope they doesnt Do anything with story.Dante is a half demon.It will be complete shit if they make a half vampire

GSpartan7772954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Please. I hope this motivates him to come to an agreement with capcom and work on the next DMC title. As far as I know Capcom still owns the IP of DMC.

bustamove2954d ago know, work on this and bring back the real Dante.