Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review (RunDLC)

Space Invaders is a franchise that was desperately in need of a reboot. Taito certainly deserves credit for bringing shooters into the spotlight with its 1978 arcade game, but the company did little to evolve the series over time, instead relying on the same slow-paced style of play the original became famous for. That changed last year with the arrival of Space Invaders Infinity Gene for iPhone. This stylish, intense and addictive “shmup” became a must play on Apple’s device, thanks to head-thumping music, changes to the formula and attention grabbing visuals. Now the game has blasted its way to Xbox Live and PSN, and it’s just as sweet.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD2958d ago

This one's great fun. About on the same level as Extreme.

Buff10442958d ago

Agree. I am really enjoying it. Lulls me into a trance.

lightningsax2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I'm not quite sure why this reviewer says it isn't as "hardcore" of a shooter. Isn't as hardcore as what? Doujin shmups? As a big fan of Cave shooters, I'd say it's on the same level, it's just a different kind of gameplay (you're dodging as many enemies as you are dodging bullets), and a different level of customization.

The game's designed to be as tough as you want it to be. I've kept it on the default player stock of three lives from the get-go; it's a check to make sure that if I haven't really bested a stage, I'm not moving on. Those other options are for people that have problems with the difficulty. You also have the option of going through all the stages - there is a stage select, but if you want to one-credit the whole thing, you can.

After you prove you can beat it on Normal, you get Hard mode. After that, there's an Insane mode. There's Nightmare after that one. There are trophies/achievements for beating each mode. There are also many more wacky bonus stages, 99 challenge stages that change each time you play them, and the promise of some interesting DLC that's starting to find its way to iPhone - homages to shooters like Darius. And then there's the music stages, and some tracks create the most crazy stages ever. The creation mechanism for the music stages has defnitely been revamped, and it works much better than the iPhone version.

Even if you beat all that stuff, there's a real-time ranking display on each stage. You're constantly reminded that other people are playing the game, and you should get a higher score!

I'm thoroughly enjoying this on PS3. It's amazing. Go get it.