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BubbleSystemSuck2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

im just Rank 41...

When is Late Winter in USA?

zoks3102954d ago

I love the support EA have been giving to BFBC2, really great support.

a_squirrel2954d ago

this made me lol

But seriously, this looks awesome

divideby02954d ago

one of the most played games..
big question is HOW MUCH

Cirran2954d ago

As long as its a big update I don't mind paying $15-20

DelbertGrady2954d ago

Love the game but I'll wait for the ultra limited collectors directors cut VIP version with both Onslaught mode and the expansion. You know it's coming :)

mrv3212954d ago

I hope it's $15 but imagine if it was $10... let dead rising be a lesson to you EA... the more it costs the less it sells. 1943 was $15 PLEASE make this $10.

Pandamobile2954d ago

Well, it's a full expansion pack, is it not? It'll probably be like $15 or $20

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