Has Kinect just found its hardcore games?

CVG thinks things are looking up for MS motion sensing...

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Wizziokid2957d ago

Haven't seen any gameplay or people playing the games so currently I cannot say, some me some gameplay and then we will talk.

iamnsuperman2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I agree its like screen shots aswel.... Gameplay is the only way to see if a game works and looks good....So show me the live gameplay footage and this time no smoke and mirrors please

Bigpappy2957d ago

But I am sure people like "Bastard" below, who we all know is a Kinect expert, will be able to fill us in with all the details the developers arn't willing to share at this point.

Your turn Bastard. Go!

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ryuzu2957d ago

The thought of a new Steel Battalion and an update to THAT controller sounded great...

Kinect ..... what a disappointment :/


Chubear2957d ago

Sony displays hands on games for MOVE ranging from Hardcore to casuals and all in-between but ofcourse you get the naysayers crying "meh, not enough. teh fail"

but MS doesn't show anything at all but puts out a name for next year like "Master battle monsters steel hardcore game for kinect" and you get

"OMG sounds awesome! DAY ONE!"

This gen is the worst I've ever seen w/ this BS

darthv722957d ago

anyone ever seen that tv show? It could be made into a game that kinect should be good at. Seeing as it is all based on making your body try and fit through different geometric shapes in a wall that is moving towards the player.

Wii couldnt do it and maybe the ps eye but that seems like the right type of game for kinect. Especially for the japanese gamer cause that is where that show originated.

The show was funny to watch so perhaps the game could be just as fun to play. Or at least laugh at those playing.

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Zir02957d ago

Some gameplay is needed but the fact that these games are in development is great news. All except SB2 are new IPs and exclusive to the 360. Hopefully they all turn out decent.

knightdarkbox2957d ago

the 360 console already has a solid 'core' base of players, so there is a market there. I had high hopes for Kinect, especially around integration with core games. Yes, I expected a lot of minigame motion gaming stuff - and thought that this was something to enjoy with the family.

BubbleSystemSuck2957d ago

if a game is ON RAIL its not HArdcore...

FragMnTagM2957d ago

House of the Dead, Time Crysis, and so on are not hardcore games? Hmmm, last time I checked, those games are difficult and would be considered hardcore.

Your reasoning is pure fail.

KiRBY30002957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

House of the Dead and Time Crysis being on rail is a game design choice.

Star Wars Kinect is on rail because there is no way to move your character without a freaking controller. big difference. what are you gonna do? run into your TV? yell orders at your character? how do you even look on the sides without a joystick to move the camera? these are simple things a controller allows you to do.

there is nothing hardcore about Kinect so far and I dont see how it's possible anyway. hardcore means precision and great timing, these 2 things arent really Kinect's strength.

YoshiMeetsU2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Kirby it was a design choice based on the ARCADE. Which you held a plastic gun but didn't have a way to move the character.

KiRBY30002957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

i know its an arcade game, its still a design choice.

we're debating if kinect can be hardcore or not.

jriquelme claims on rail games cant be hardcore, which is false when it's on rail by choice (time crisis, house of), but true when on rail is mandatory (kinect).

on rail + buttons / accessory = can be hardcore
on rail + kinect = fart

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Redgehammer2957d ago

I think that Kinect has boundless potential to engender new and interesting interactions with the games I love. I could pilot a ship (or mech) ala touch screen, like Joker in Mass Effect. My son's want to be able to scan their Nerf guns into Kinect and use them in the "Nerf War" game they have created in their minds. I think the potential is certainly there for Kinect to be awesome (the potential is also there for suckage).
Until I see gameplay I am cautiously optimistic.

jerander2957d ago

I can see that going horribly wrong. some one scanning a real gun because they want it to look authentic then not realize it is loaded and shoot someone.

Redgehammer2957d ago

I don't have any real guns in my house.

YoshiMeetsU2957d ago

That is how I feel. While the announcements are encouraging I need to see this stuff in action. So many questions about how good the gameplay will be if the types of things you can do are limited(like walking).

doa7662957d ago


Hades13372957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

So Time Crisis on the PS3 is a casual game is it? Don't talk bollocks.

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ActionBastard2957d ago

Weren't most of what they showed on-rails? Yeah, I'm not interested in on rails "hardcore" games.

Raikiri2957d ago

Nobody knows how any of those games will play but you can expect the horror ones to be on-rails yeah which isn't really bad for horror themes

morganfell2957d ago ShowReplies(3)
Zir02957d ago

But isn't Heavy Rain also kind of on the rails since you rarely control where you are going? Does that mean HR isn't hardcore too?

ryuzu2957d ago

Who said HR was "hardcore" (whatever that means). It's a cool game and straightforward enough for non gamers to get involved in...

PS3 has lots of games of all types and plenty more on the way - not everything needs to be an FPS ya know.


FragMnTagM2957d ago

Why can't Microsoft do the same without getting all the flak around here? Microsoft is clearly trying to do stuff other than shooters and they get mostly hate around here for a product that isn't even released yet. Double standards are abundant around here. What is OK for the PS3 to do is not OK for the 360 to do.

morganfell2957d ago

You do not "rarely" control where you are going. I won't say nice try because it wasn't. Heavy Rain has as much freedom as any other story driven title where you have to go to certain places or do certain things to progress. Last time I checked I was forced to go up a mountain in HALO 3 and destroy an AA gun. I really didn't get to choose not to go there if the game was to progress. Was I really forced to do that or was it a story objective. Was I forced to go after Cortana? Well?

There were a lot of side missions in GTA IV but there are some missions you absolutely have to do in order to progress.

HR has more interaction than simply shooting. Do you know what a rail even is? I don't remember too many games where a central character can die and the game will continue. And then the next time I play it I can let that character live and a different central character can die.

milohighclub2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

it has nothing to do with it been m$, kinect is shit full stop, its a good idea thats going horribly wrong, how many core gamers want to pay 130quid for all their games to be on rails?? i wouldn't personally, i like to control my games, explore them and play it at my own pace!!! if there was a promise out their that off rail games were gonna be released i would buy it (if the lag was patched), but unfortunately its impossible to do with out you having to jog on the spot all day, even then their would be limitations.

end of the day if sony did it or a third party did it, i'd say the same thing.

my mate tried kinect at gamescom and said theirs about a 4 second lag, then when he asked the m$ dude about it, he tried to blame the software and the devs... so the lag still hasn't been sorted and m$ are still going to release it. unlucky for those who buy good luck to ya.

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DelbertGrady2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

PS. They haven't showed any gameplay footage from any of the games yet, and even if they do and it turns out all of the games are ultra-hardcore these guys will find something else to complain about.

ActionBastard2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Why thank you. ProTip: Neither's perfect, but Sony does a lot less stupid shit to comment on than MS. And when you're reading a liveblog on the presser and they say "This shit looks on-rails", I'll think it's on-rails until they prove otherwise.

2957d ago
FragMnTagM2957d ago

going to stop the fanboyism in your blog post AB. Guess it is back to the drawing board for you.

ActionBastard2957d ago

How is anything I've said "fanboy"? It's just an opinion. It won't hurt MS's stock price.

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Raoh2957d ago

i'll reserve judgement..

people got excited when they showed star wars, the internet lit up.. then it was on rails..

all i saw was a video of people riding a dragon.

same with steel battalion, .. so a game with millions of buttons on a system with no buttons???????????????

i'm more interested in move after tgs than i was after e3... but i've been let down before...

MetalGearBear 2957d ago

most kinect's games are lag.

Stealth20k2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

People realize that project draco and battalion wars can be played with refular controllers right?

The other games are on rails.......

kinect is still super casual

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