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Christopher2956d ago

I really like the direction of the game. It's about time someone made a sci-fi equivalent to the usual hack and slash gameplay we've been playing since the 90s.

The video wasn't bad, and did a really good job showing us some of the bad arse bosses we'll be fighting. I do think the Castlevania trailer tops this one, though. I think that one truly 'blew up' TGS. I want to play Vanquish after watching this, but I *really* want to play Castlevania after their very well done trailer from yesterday.

crematory2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

already pre ordered ,just watch this direct 10 min gameplay not from the demo contain new location and enemies

2956d ago
nycredude2956d ago

I tried the demo but wasn't really impressed. The graphics were passable, albeit blurry. The power sliding is pretty lame and it seems there is no deep story (mayve it gets better I don't know). It just seems like a fast paced action shooter to me. It felt pretty repetitive also. Maybe I'll pick it up when it becomes cheaper.

raztad2956d ago

Visuals were blurry because they are sub HD (1024x720). However there is a lot going on, and the game use an engine akin to KZ2 (deferred rendering), which produces some awesome lightning.

I actually wanted a good TPS, and Vanquish seems to be it. I'm quite surprised how motion blur can make a game to look so fast paced, like it was 60fps.