Independent Women: Gaming's 10 Most Admirable Heroines -

BeefJack presents a round-up of its top 10 most admirable female characters in videogames.

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Urmomlol2959d ago

I was right up with you until you got to Bayonetta. I didn't realize "independence" went hand-in-hand with walking around as the manifestation of a sexually deprived, Japanese pervert's imagination.

Blacktric2959d ago

Rochelle? Seriously? A character who's from a videogame filled with stereotypical characters (overweight african american coach, underage uneducated redneck repairman and a broke gambler) deserves a spot on 10 most admirable heroines? Pfft.

thief2959d ago

They should have included Uncharted’s Elena, a normal girl but principled, mind of her own, gutsy and easy on the eyes too. And believable, no inflated body parts or superhuman heroics,

2959d ago
albel_nox2959d ago

Great list outside of heroines outside Rochelle and somewhat Yuna. Yuna is okay but could be an idiot at times. I am definitely a fan of April Ryan. I loved her on TLJ and Dreamfall.

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