Xbox 360 Kinect Exclusive Rise of Nightmares Dated for 2011

SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America Inc. have today announced that the recently revealed Rise of Nightmares will be released globally in 2011. Currently in development exclusively for Xbox 360 Kinect, Rise of Nightmares will make full use of the full-body motion-control that Kinect offers.

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Spider0502979d ago

where are xbox 360 exclusives?
Gears of War 3 is last exclusive game on Xbox 360

Kinect zombie game? omfg idiot microsoft...
i bought xbox 360 for games, but microsoft now wants to make games on kinect only

The Maxx2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

I am very happy so far with what they have announced with Kinect at TGS. Steel Battalion alone warrants a day 1 purchase for me. I already know Gears 3 is not coming out till next year so why would I care about them talking about it. I wanted to hear about the exclusives that weren't known and they mentioned a bunch for Kinect. Especially the one game I am most excited about, that being Steel Battalion.

I guess I am just more rational than some.

lowcarb2979d ago

Well it depends on if the game will be Kinect only or if it's compatible with the standard 360 controller. One thing that's for certain is we don't know if kinect works well and if they can prove this we might all start getting excited. I look forward to he announcements made at TGS and applaud them for at least trying rather then just doing add-on's.

kevco332979d ago

I'm liking the look of this one. The whole first-person thing could really work with a kinect game like this.

ChronoJoe2979d ago

Is it on rails?

If it's on rails it won't be scary.

The Maxx2979d ago

I don't agree with that.

Hands Up For Games2979d ago

People complain that Kinect is full of shovelware and casual games. MS announce games that would appeal to their 'core' audience, people are still complaining.

Isnt life funny?

Philoctetes2979d ago

Let's see some gameplay footage first before we decide how "core" this is.

Hands Up For Games2979d ago

Why? Most people have made their minds up already, this will be a casual on rails casual shovelware title, right?

MisterNiwa2979d ago

Well, it will be on rails or you have to hold a controller in your hand.

bartender642979d ago

Not because you don't have an idea to make an kinect game doesn't mean that all developers are going to make games on rails. You just need to use a little imagination. kinect is a new 3d interface and takes time to exploit ideas, if I could make a kinect game that is a complete full body motion experience, I would create an on screen analog controller to move characters and body gestures to make the game react to the persons expressions. This is just an hypothetical example of how can things be done on kinect.

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AwesomeJizz2979d ago

You are so right my friend.

divideby02979d ago

announcement...please.. show me than I will determine if the game is just more shovelware or a high profile game, worthy of me considering buying Kinet...

has any Fable/Kin. vids been shown yet ?

Chuk52979d ago

I agree with hands up. People are say it will have no core games. It gets core games, and it's still casual. No one has seen full gameplay but that obviously doesn't matter does it? It's gotten to the point here n4g that people are literally hating for the sake of it. Why can't people be optimistic or let it prove itself fully?

Dread2979d ago

The sony fans were critizising the alleged lack of games.. they show games and they continue to hate..

there is really nothing to do here..Sony fanboys simply hate on anything Ms related..Sad but true..

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divideby02979d ago

alot of announcements with nothing to show us right now.... tells you something

mcstorm2979d ago

I think people are just sticking to there guns with Kinect if they think it was pants they will always think it and if they like it they will always like it.
I am a fan of Kinect and im not really bothered what the haters fan boys ect say about Kinect they will not change my mind its all about what the individual likes. Just like I still have my GC DC and Amiga 32 as I think the consoles had some amazing games for there time and what ever happens with Kinect and move they will sure have some games to remember and to keep playing for years to come.

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