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The technical brilliance of the Move controllers themselves is the standout feature of this gaming system.

The wand-style remotes are very easy to use, and offer a level of accuracy and precision that you won’t find on the Wii, or on Microsoft’s rival system, Kinect.

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matey2980d ago

Sony move cant replicate FPS games even half as good as wiimote IR blackops is using just IR nothing else for wii because its superior full stop and the biggest budget game this year with epic micky yes facts lets see how many move titles feature rich cutomization like the Conduit 1/2 i bet none.

buffig2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

The conduit was dreadful, early play tests of Counduit 2 are far from promising. I fail to see how you are in a position to quantify how Move compares to Wii with regards to FPS. When you say, move is half as good as Wii, what is your scale of reference? Is wii 100goodness but Move only 50goodness?

THE TRUTH2980d ago

Do you have extensive play time with PS move? I only ask because your statement sounds of extreme fanboyism. I will be getting my PS move on Friday and I'm almost 100% sure based on the research I have done that PS move on a technological side will render the Wii obsolete.

YourFlyness2980d ago

I have the PS Move and Wii, From the Technical standpoint the Wii is obsolete.

bjornbear2980d ago

listen to the man.

do you actually believe after the conduit developers wouldn't learn that you HAVE to allow customization?

+ been stated many times Move > Wii mote when it comes to precision =/
you must be very young or very naive, because all move hardcore games will have very detailed calibration.

+ biggest budgeted game this year is quite possibly GT5 or Starcraft II, if you don't believe me, but it is NOT Epic Mickey.

you just sound like a very rabid, defensive wii-fanboy...and thats kind of laughable =P

WhittO2980d ago

lol and you would know because??? Isn't Move out on Friday or has it already launched in the US?

YourFlyness2980d ago

Friday In the US. Its around out in Europe (I think) and Asia minus Japan. I pick mine up earlier today (Im in Korea)

WhittO2980d ago

It's out tomorrow in UK, but guessing they will be sent earlier.

Shadow Flare2980d ago


Geez. Not a single bit of punctuation in your whole comment. Almost as if a 6 year old wrote it. But then again you was raving about epic mickey so...

And when tests were done between Move and DualShock on SOCOM, the players using Move were better then the players with dualshock. So, yeah, move does work with fps games to say the least

Jdoki2980d ago

Not to be pedantic, but he should USE SOME GRAMMAR, not GRAMMER! :)

OT. Epic Mickey looks like it'll be pretty awesome - it is designed by Warren Spector after all! SOCOM will probably be the title that makes me buy the Move controller. Not impressed by the launch line up.

btk2980d ago

This discussion throws a very dark shadow over the entire education system.

callahan092980d ago

Wow, matey. That's some serious crazy-talk you've got going on there.

lowcarb2980d ago

I can't believe any of you guys are arguing over motion controls or buying one to begin with. If you want the best controller for a fps pick up a 360 control pad. Until Sony makes a few games from scratch I see the move as being an expensive add on.

DarkFantasy2980d ago

12 year old troll.confirmed.

redsquad2980d ago

Clearly you haven't tried MOVE then - I have and it's amazing how comfortable & easy it is to handle and use within games.

lowcarb2980d ago

"Clearly you haven't tried MOVE then - I have and it's amazing how comfortable & easy it is to handle and use within games."

You guys are sad seriously lol. You have no type of argument to my claims other than you haven't tried it and someone trolling. Ps3 fanboys=the worst!

redsquad2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Have you used Move extensively on different games?
If not, you're the one claiming something you've tried is "better" than something you haven't. So who's the one with 'no argument' chum?

You're the one who brought the 360 controller into a discussion on MOVE - If you're NOT a troll, why didn't you just cite the PS3 Dualshock as an example of an alternative to the Move as opposed to the MS controller?

My neutral statement earned a "sad", "fanboy" insult and "lol" from you, ergo you trolled - No two ways about it, so get out of my life.

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DigitalAnalog2980d ago

An ACTUAL Wii-fanboy? Quick, get a MasterBall or we'll never see him again.

-End statement

DatNJDom812980d ago

what the f__k you smoking man? The amount of FAIL in that comment is just insurmountable.

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jellybalboa2980d ago

with kinect i will be able to use my prized jewels, as a shotgun, baseball bat, ak47, melee weapon the list is endless. if its true you can use objects around in the actual game with kinnect then we have a winner.theres so many things you can do with the male anatomy and kinect. am just wondering how much viagra i will need to play through a gaming session with kinect. do you people agree or disagree?lol

YourFlyness2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Scanning items havent been seen since the concept trailer when Kinect (Natal at the time) was first shown. That feature is long gone. It probably died when they decided to remove the on board processor.

I think he edit those last 2 sentences in after I was typing my reply

buffig2980d ago

I think he was joking

MTEC82980d ago

It sounds like you just been hit by the puberty train......

dead_eye2980d ago

whats scary is that some people didn't see that.

I have to say you've made kinnect sound more appealing now lol

Silly Mammo2980d ago

So you'd only be playing your kinect 15 minutes or so at a time?!? ;)

Jdoki2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

You can try it, but the resolution of the Kinect camera isn't good enough to detect objects that small, Jellybalboa!


jellybalboa2980d ago

funny, very funny, but did you notice some people didnt notice my comment as a joke?

Jdoki2980d ago

I know, crazy isn't it. Leave your sense of humour at the door when entering N4G!! :)

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qadsia1232980d ago

Wiis precision is for shit Move is just out so stop talking crap about what it can and cannot do as of now it has great potential.

redsquad2980d ago

My local shop has already sold out - Ten starter packs, five wands and five navigators all gone before lunchtime - I only got mine because I reserved it three weeks ago.
And yes, it's amazing - I was trying THE SHOOT demo and the precision is spot on and I detect NO lag. Amazing stuff, and I can only boggle at the potential for future releases.

ravinash2980d ago

Mine should be in the post today.

But knowing british royal mail, its going to end up in the deport waiting for me to pick it up. So I'll probably won't get to use it till Saturday.

redsquad2980d ago

That's why I didn't order online - I knew I wouldn't get it until Saturday at least. Trust me, as an ex-employee of Royal Mail, I know exactly how & why things get delayed and it isn't pretty!

qadsia1232980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

This DEMO looks funner then anything on the Wii!

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