Is the PlayStation 3 the Ultimate Entertainment Device?

For Sony Move is merely another string to the PlayStation 3’s bow. Despite modest sales in its first few months, thanks mainly to a hefty price tag and a lack of compelling launch titles, the PS3 has gone on to become one of the best all-round entertainment devices.

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iamnsuperman3008d ago

Almost.....the best available now but not fully the ultimate entertainment device just yet....Play TV needs improving and the internet browser needs updating..

forcefullpower3008d ago

Just curious on what you think is wrong with Play TV as i use it and find it great. I hear they are coming out with play TV HD end of november.

iamnsuperman3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Well the non HD is an issue lets hope that is solved by the end of the year or if not soon.... Series link would be cool....HD at the moment hasn't be confirmed for UK.. Freeview HD works with DVB-T2. PlayTV device is DVB-T which is annoying...Play TV is good but it would be nice to see these improvements

forcefullpower3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

I found it annoying as i think Play TV works with HD in other european contries. I think it was the governing body that changed the codec after the had manufactured it. So wasnt really sonys fault.

Series link would be pretty cool. didnt realise it didnt do it. Dont record much to be honest.

Edit. LoL my bubbles are going up and down like a yoyo. I havnt even bashed anything yet

iamnsuperman3008d ago

Not blaming Sony it can't be helped the UK changed but hopefully the next Play TV will support this

forcefullpower3008d ago

Looks like you will be getting you series link feature. Looks like some great new features.

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Jdoki3008d ago

Maybe, maybe not... But it's a bloody good device. :)

Bit of a flimsy article from the Telegraph!

steve30x3008d ago

I use my PS3 to upscale my DVD's. Its not perfect at upscaling the videos but the films do look better than the original non upscaled DVD.