Nokia N8 Interactive Unboxing Video

Due for release in the UK next month, Nokia has set put to tease the eagerly awaiting public by revealing an all-new interactive unboxing video for the launch of the Nokia N8. Designed with gaming-on-the-go as one of its primary functions, the Nokia N8 is poised to give Apple’s iPhone a run for it’s money before the arrival of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

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kyrosheel12959d ago

Nokia makes THE BEST phones. I lol at all you android, iphone and blackberry users.

kevco332959d ago

Sorry, but Windows Phone 7 is going to be my new baby... glitches an' all!

mrv3212959d ago

Did anyone get the sense that the Ryan one was faked, I mean look at that watch... that's not a nerd watch for starters it doesn't do video chat or tell internet time... secondly a why would he need a watch, nerd have plenty of devices that tell time.

2959d ago
silvacrest2958d ago

why use that picture? the n8 does not even have a keyboard and nokia had their press event 2 days ago so its not like they could get a real n8 pick...