PES 2011 vs. FIFA 11 - What's your favorite?

Demos for FIFA 11 and PES 2011 are available on all plattforms - PC, Xbox 360 and of course Playstation 3. Have you played both? So what's your favorite? Check the link and vote for your game.

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nix2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

well i'm choosing PES11 this time not because i'm a PES fan but i found it much better than the same old FIFA9/10. not that i am saying that earlier PES games (two years or so in a row) were great either.

PES 11 is like the Demon's Souls of soccer and FIFA 11.. well, FIFA.

AKA2958d ago

They improve so many anoying things from 2010 and it makes 2011 really fund to play and great. 2010 was anoying and not that great.

Fifa i have to say they have improve and i may also get FIFA 11 but many things is missing from the game you teammates AI are really slow and not smart at all, the game a alittle to slow, there is no personality like EA is promotioning and PES11 have a huge personality in it on how players act and how the teams act and how every game is diferent in it but in FIFA every middle fielder plays like XAVI and things like that that make FIFA fell wird.

ps. and a huge point to pass on FIFA no offence is how they monopoly and buy all rightS so those teams does not make it into PES. FIFA is alfight but just because of that im not buying maybe used but overal PES is better and much fun.