Greenberg: Kinect will sell 3 million

M2G Writes:

Aaron Greenberg has said during the Toyko Game Show that Kinect will sell 3 million units and extend the current console generation.

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Lovable3046d ago

Sure. I'll believe it when I see it.

iamnsuperman3046d ago

Its possible only if the casual market get on it.....They are the ones who are going to buy it partly due to it seaming like a new experience

goosepoose3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

haha. the nuclear family is broke as ever. they can only afford wii resorts. "holiday for poor people".

"its a recession when your neighbour loses their job, and its a depression when you do". trust me, this aint entourage. people will look at it and say ooh thats nice, and buy something trashy for the ds.

i am being subjective. let me remix my comment with objectivenessness. lets see here, no matter how you look at it, its not going to sell 3 million any time soon.

Rigmaster3046d ago

It is hilariously pathetic when you really think about.

Just imagine if you went back in time to when the RRoD plagued 360 was rushed out the door by Microsoft and told everyone that in 5 years the Xbox 360 would:

Be dead in Japan just like the first Xbox
Be dead in Europe just like the first Xbox
Graphically humiliated by the PS3

and the 360's only hope for 2010 and 2011 was another damn Halo game and old PS2 era Sony Eye Toy style motion controls that are so bad that they have to fake E3 and other live demos.

iamnsuperman3046d ago

@Goosepoose.....personally I agree It will not but all I am saying if it is possible if Microsoft strike lucky because the casual market is on the fence....They do not go on these websites and see problems with the Kinect like we do....All it takes is 3 million slightly wealthy people in the world to buy it for their children. They are going to be the ones enticed by the marketing campaign that it is a new tech..... Recession affects everyone true but the people who have money to fall back on are still a large enough number in the world population who could afford it

ryuzu3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

3 million - is that good? Sounds like that would be far too few in MS's plans - after all this is their new market now since they've ditched their previous fanbase (no surprise given what some of them are like).

If it only sells 3 mil, I think MS will chop the gaming hardware and just go back to PC games.

EDIT : Actually they're doing that already, 3 mil sells will just make them speed it up.


N4PS3Fanboys3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

The 360 is only dead in Japan. Currently, it is handily outselling its competition in both the Americas and Europe. A better question is who would have expected the Japanese to continue being so stubborn, refusing to buy foreign products? Everyone.

Now let's go back to 2005, a time where the PlayStation brand was far and away the most successful in the video game industry. Other consoles cowered in fear at the grace of the almighty PS2, and the PS3 was just on the horizon, ready to destroy the competition just like its predecessor, right? Who in a million years would have predicted that 5 years later, the PlayStation brand would have gone from an undefeatable force miles ahead in first place, to a hopeless dead last behind Microsoft and Nintendo, whom it had put to shame the generation before?

As sad as it is to say, PlayStation went from the defining brand of the video game industry, to the laughing stock of the video game industry over the course of just one generation.

GWAVE3046d ago Show
The Maxx3046d ago

I don't know GWAVE. $ony did a pretty good job at duping their customers into buying a $600 PS3 without any games with comments like "4D graphics"

frelyler3046d ago

The 360 has not sold in Japan because they buy products that are of high quality. I am not saying the 360 doesn't have good games, I am saying their hardware is shit and it took them 5 years to give everyone a semi decent piece of hardware, but they still do not include the controller! It's just that the Japanese are smarter and more in the know on the tech and hardware size, hence the low sales. Sorry to say it but the 360's parts were manufactured by the lowest bidder, hence the RROD and M$ billion dollar loss. Also Japanese people know M$ way over charges for their add ons and it is just another reason they won't touch that smoking pile.

Elvfam5113046d ago

""4D graphics" do you know what 4D means Im just asking....

ps360owner093046d ago

If the Japanese respect quality so much then why is it that quality and game of the year type games like Uncharted 2, God of Ware 3, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock etc are continuously ignored in Japan even on the PS3.

I will tell you why it's because they are western games and they don't want to touch anything that's western. It's the main reason why they are the least relevant videogame region now and many well known and respected Japanese developers are saying that Japan is dying because of their stubborness.

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Motorola3046d ago

Will it blend? That is the question.
OT: Good luck with that Greenberg

Rigmaster3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if we see the usual Xbox sales pattern:

* The standard die hard Xbox fans rushing out to buy this ill fated add-on

* Lots of press releases from Microsoft PR

* A rapid dieoff in sales

The laughably barren Microsoft exclusive line up for 2010/11 does leave plenty of cash for the diehards to blow on junk like this.

Outside of the diehard Xbox fans there isn't going to be any interest. Kinetic has turned out to be so bad it has become the laughingstock of the console world.

Denethor_II3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Now now, come on. That game where you have to hit the big read balls looks good.

Edit: I think it's called, Extreme Big Red Ball Smash Party Brawl Flying To Space Funatorium.

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Megaton3046d ago

It'll happen. They won't allow it to fail. Even if they burn up 10x their potential profit in ad money, they'll make sure it sells millions.

HeroXIV3046d ago

3M though... is that enough? The thing with that then is they'll be dividing the 360 userbase into 2, they already have done that with developers. Encouraging them to do Kinect games instead of Plain Xbox ones...

3M... Means the max a game can sell is 2.5-2.8M... and after those initial launch titles (I'm betting Dance Central will end up as Kinect's best-seller)... games will probably sell very few copies.

Kinect needs to sell 10M units by the end of next year to be a viable solution to 360's longevity.

I agree though M$ will do anything they can to assure it WON'T fail, but by that time... Could be new solutions/gadgets/systems/etc.

xAlmostPro3046d ago

and 10 of those will enjoy it

otherZinc3046d ago

Kinect will sell 3million+ this holiday season.

Now, Move on the other hand will sell like garbage.
However, the Move may have good numbers due to the fact; some Move games require 2 Move controllers.

We'll have to gage the Move via game sales.

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Zir03046d ago

Before anyone says this is purely PR crap read the article. He's basing this prediction on current preorders from retailers.

It really looking like Kinect will be a huge success this holiday.

radphil3046d ago

Really? Cause the pre-orders in our region is sucking so bad in terms of that. Keyword region.

DelbertGrady3046d ago

“Our estimates that we will sell in excess of 3 million units this holiday,” The company is spending “hundreds of millions” of dollars in marketing, “exceeding in what we did when we launched the original Xbox 360,” says Greenberg.

Greenberg also added that Kinect’s success will mean the Xbox 360 will be around a lot longer than most people anticipated.

“We’re five years in. We think we have another good five years-plus, but that remains to be seen — but easily there’s another five years’ life.”

Will be interesting to see how they use their "hundreds of millions" to market it. Since hearing about the 5 new Kinect titles they revealed yesterday my interest for it is a little bigger than before.

Here's a link to the article about them:

Lovable3046d ago

"my interest for it is a little bigger than before. "

Haha. How little was your interest before?

Chris3993046d ago


Careful reading is key. He's hedging his bets. If Kinect is a flop, they've already considered the Xbox "next".

That aside, the Japanese Kinect titles sounded interesting. It was nice to see some stuff that I might actually want to play - horror, fantasy. What a turn around after months of the US media lamenting the "death" of Japanese creativity, when it looks as though that very culture might be the saving grace for their favorite console (360).

I do wonder what control schemes these games will use though. That mech game sounds as if it will have "Kinect support" and it won't be an exclusive exercise in flailing. I expect MS to do a lot of backpedaling if they keep the device and have Kinect + controller games moving forward.

shadyiswin3046d ago

They have announced and welcome controller integration for more complex hardcore games, no need to back peddle, every game won't be hands free. What do you have to complain about? Oh they said its hands free, microsoft are a bunch of liars.....if your a sony fan boy stop being so intrigued by kinect to comment on things you know nothing about.

Chris3993046d ago

you should probably work on your spelling and punctuation more. And yes, MS did initially tout the: "Your Body is the Controller" line. So any deviation from that is indeed back-peddling.

Other than that, I expressed my interest in these new titles, so I'm not sure who you're calling a fanboy. If anything, I've been playing my new PC more than any console these days, because THE GAMES INTEREST ME. That's the point isn't it? You can be critical of a business (MS/ Sony/ Nintendo and their PR b.s.) without being critical of the product (the games).

I don't really know why I'm wasting my time on a response to some multi-account troll though (it's obvious just by checking your history and "join" date).

kerrak3046d ago

hundreds of millions. Is it 2, 3 or 4?
Because if it is 3, then you have 3 million units sold for 300 million dollars, making 100$ per unit on marketing. Typical MS approach to the market: spend triple or more on marketing that on product and quality itself.
Sure they will sell a lot. Not to me.

beardpapa3046d ago

they're just trying to get to $450 million as soon as they can, then grab a portion of the Wii casuals, then start up the shovel-ware revolution. when the returns start to plummet, that's when we'll see the last of full body gaming and a return of the controller.

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cliffbo3046d ago

i would really consider these TGS announcements before you get too excited AGAIN. remember what happened on the last hype train.

Lazy_Gamer3046d ago

Looks like we have the fitting match for Patcher. He maybe in the gaming world but hes still loyal only to your buck.