Halo Reach sells 330k in UK

MCV can reveal that 330,000 copies of Microsoft’s Halo Reach were sold in the game’s first 24 hours on sale in the UK.

This already puts Halo Reach at number ten in the all-time UK weekly sales league table, leaving it in prime position to climb the listings through to the weekend.

To put all this in perspective, however, back in November 2009 Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold 1.23m copies in its first 24 hours in the UK.

Taking into account the fact that MW2 sales were split across multiple formats, that still means that Halo Reach sold about half as many copies on Xbox 360 as Activision's shooter achieved.

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ChronoJoe3007d ago

Sales look to be near enough on MW2s. Predictable, but very good nevertheless.

Bhai3007d ago

...they might be scalable only for the 360, as MW2 was multiplat.

1st 24 hours Halo-R: 330k
1st 24 hours MW2: 1.23m

The gap is pretty big, and even considering the 360 stats only, its obvious Halo isn't 'da biggest thing' even on MS platform as far as UK is concerned :)

tinybigman3007d ago

I said that halo isn't as big in europe as it is in america yesterday, and got attacked by to brit 360 gamers hahaha.

ChronoJoe3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


The article missled me then. It said it was near half of the total sales for MW2... but it's not, it's half of that? :s

Idunno, anyone that cares will have to wait for week 1 sales worldwide, for more accurate results. As for Halo not being as big in Europe as America. Whilst that's true for most of Europe, it's not the case for the UK.

In the UK, the 360 is the lead platform, by a fairly wide margin, and sales generally reflect that of America, albeit on a significantly smaller scale.

Panthers3007d ago

Too bad because Halo deserves better sales than MW2.

Mizz_mai3007d ago

kinda poor considering there's over 10million people in london where i live.....

IHateYouFanboys3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

thats an incredibly stupid statement.

there are 7 billion people worldwide, so by comparison the PS2 selling 150 million is 'kinda poor'. the PS3 at 38 million and the 360 at 43 million are just complete failures too, if youre going to look at it that way.

it would be 'kinda poor' if it wasnt a lot higher than nearly every other game that releases in the UK. or are you going to tell us all that a game that will sell more copies worldwide in its first week than ANY PS3 exclusive game has sold worldwide in the 3+ years the console has been out is 'kinda poor' sales?

get your hand off it.

@avengers1978 below: "I noticed the other day at Wal-mart there were still a ton of copies of Reach, and thought that's funny I swear that would sell out all over town. "

whats one way to make sure you maximise sales? make sure you dont run out of stock. its MUCH better for microsoft to ship out a lot more copies than they expect to sell straight away, because they WILL sell eventually when its a game like Halo Reach. they made it so that if you want it, you can walk down to the shops and buy it without having to worry about it being sold out. its good business. just because there are lots of copies on shelves doesnt mean its not selling lol.

it wont 'eventually' sell 5 million copies - itll be pushing that by next week. a more realistic 'eventually' is probably 10 million.

avengers19783007d ago

I noticed the other day at Wal-mart there were still a ton of copies of Reach, and thought that's funny I swear that would sell out all over town.
Left me wondering if Reach even had as big a launch as ODST did.
I'm sure it will eventually sell 5 million copies, but who knows.

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Calm Down Sunshine3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Impressive stuff.

It's given me an idea though...

I've got this slice of old cheese here if anyone wants to buy it? £20?

Ok, ok, what if i tell you that it's *drum roll* HALO CHEESE?

Sony3603007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I bet Activision could probably get gamers to buy that off you.

Anton Chigurh3007d ago

Congratulation... you just made MW2 nightvision goggles.

mcstorm3007d ago

Good numbers and I expect them to keep going like the Halo 3 sales did. I got this game early as I got it from Zavvi and I think it is the best halo to date the campain was good and online is the best shooter ive played online.

The Meerkat3007d ago

Halo 3 had a much better story and more memorable battles.

But Reach has better MP now the BR had gone.
and Firefight is great.

EL Lanf3007d ago

And then theres games like Okami, where it takes about a year to shift that many copies. The gaming industry leaves me in despair.

coolfool3007d ago

I completely agree with you there. There are some absolute gems out there that people either don't know about or haven't been told to care about.

I'm enjoying Folklore at the moment.

HeroXIV3007d ago

Halo and CoD fans aren't like you and I... They probably limit themselves to about 5 games a year. We get through that in like a month lol. :P

3007d ago
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