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TrevorPhillips4574d ago

Your jaws is dropped through the floor, I can't even find my jaw.

GT5 - It only does PS3.

DORMIN4574d ago

PD wasn't lying when they said this could be a next generation game, it certainly looks the part.

DORMIN4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Video from source wasn't working for me.

Here is the YouTube Link:

Redrum0594574d ago

watching this video brings up one inportant question?

...why the hell are there ppl that hate GT5???

insomnium4574d ago

OMG! Un-freaking-believable!

Zeevious4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

I saw a single beta-code blocky texture from one individual raindrop somewhere in there!

If it only wasn't true then I could deftly say this is definitely difinitive racing in deference to dramatically defending GT5's defined divinity over driving . . . Digitally.

sikbeta4574d ago

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

JoySticksFTW4574d ago

I wouldn't even be shocked to see that in some Edge / Eurogamer review for GT5

bjornbear4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

screw it if i won't play the game with wheel (too much for me)

Im getting this and sucking at it with dualshock!!! ITS WORTH IT!!

*stagers on the ground as he fumbles through everyone's jaws looking for his own*

Bathyj4573d ago

Na, its crap. The individual raindrops didnt have full damage on. Some of them were only texture damage, not proper liquid deformation.

But seriously, this is bullsh*t. That cant be game graphics, thats not even Hollywood CGI. I'm not convinced yet its not just old episodes of Top Gear spliced up to look like a game.

MisterNiwa4573d ago

Yeah, nice, you could tell all of that with that shabby blurred out low quality trailer.

Bathyj4573d ago

I dont know what you're disputing.

The first bit was sarcasm, the second bit was praise.

Organise your thoughts and get back to me champ.

himdeel4573d ago

...can get through here for all these damn jaws on the floor. I am paying this game off this weekend and cannot wait to get my hands on it.

sinclaircrown4573d ago

There aren't. There's only people who say they hate it.

For some reason, if you love the 360, you're not allowed to like anything Sony or PS3 related..

At least thats the vibe I get on N4G..

I hope developers take notice of just how much farther the PS3 can be pushed.

I wish some would push the 360 more too. Obviously to avoid disc swapping, games can't be AS indepth as PS3 games, but I'm sure the 360 has some more power that could be used also.

MerkinMax4573d ago

Weather is just an amazing and immersive feature. I am awe struck by this as this was my one wish for this game.

PSFan1004573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Honestly though, what was everyone expecting? Each Playstation console PD have always delivered - the best driving game around. It took a long time and from the look of it, it was worth the wait. Any true driving/car fan will agree, GT is the greatest driving series of all time. Those weather effects are stunning. Sony just keeps on setting the bar a little higher everytime.

-SIXAXIS-4573d ago

Yes, this is what life outside of China looks like. Come to America when you get older, young Lee.

commodore644573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Where is the amazing clarity and real life people are commenting about?
I am seeing some people picking their metaphorical jaws off the floow.
All that over a blurry video?

Fanboys, pick up the jaws and take a deep breath.
Let's be realistic and call it for what it is: blurry.

ShinMaster4573d ago

You know you were impressed!
This isn't about a blurry video. This is all about the new features that make GT5 such an awesome and complete package.
Hmm *sniff sniff* I can smell the envy that consumes you from inside.

Watch Turn10 come out with another Forza game trying to implement these features and claiming it to be the ultimate definitive racing game again, again. Lol

Bathyj4573d ago Show
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sinncross4574d ago

That rain looks flippen insane!

Lou-Cipher4574d ago

I just caught a cold from the snowy weather in that video, That's how bad a$$ the weather is in GT5. :)

Is that a VW Bus @.47?

nightfallinicedearth4573d ago

Don't mean to get technical on you but you can't get a cold from being cold :p

Hideo_Kojima4573d ago

But being cold means your body uses up energy to heat up...
energy that would otherwise be used to fight of colds.

Therefore being cold will increase your chance of getting a cold.

ELite_Ghost4573d ago

i just cummed myself... AGAIN!!

MRMagoo1234573d ago

And about colds it is infact true that being cold can give you a cold more easily because colds like to grow in areas not too warm so if ur nose is cold you have more chance of the bug growing in there.

pain777pas4573d ago

You guys do understand that this game is in 3d right. The snow and rain will be all up in your face to make the most immersive driving simulator experience. PD has outdone themselves here not in the sense that this hasn't been done before its just that the effect will be like nothing done before.

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wsoutlaw874574d ago

you're not joking thats some crazy sh**

8-bit4573d ago

This is the kind of game that deserves dropping another $150 on a wheel just to play the game the way it's meant to be played.

United4Life4573d ago

Where"s the Jaw , Where"s the Damn Jaw!!

Megaton4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Been a long time since something looked so good that it made my jaw literally drop and my eyes widen, and this is from a low quality off-screen capture. They really need to hurry up and upload this vid in better quality.

Gonna need a metal replacement...

hennessey864574d ago

thats got to be the best weather effects ive ever seen, just blown f1 2010 out of the water

R0me4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

The floor is full of jaws...

kaos_fish II4573d ago

Looks at House looking at Pandemic...

Decides to rob the unconscious Pandemic to pay for GT5.

House is mad that he didn't think of that first. House swings at Kaos_Fish with his cane and misses falling to the floor..

House is screaming at Kaos_Fish - Kaos_Fish walks away laughing and counting his money..

tinybigman4574d ago

for making it really hard to play my other favorite racer in Nov.

karl4574d ago

u dont play GT5 ... u drive it

ABizzel14574d ago

Best graphics this gen.

DeathGazer4573d ago

Yep, very hard to argue against that.

This actually looks freaking real!

Heisenberg4574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

Amazing. Seeing the gorgeous weather from the cockpit view... It adds immensely to the atmosphere and realism. I love that PD could have easily done 10 times less work on GT5 and still sold shit tons, get great reviews and out do the competition, yet they kept going so far above and beyond what's required to sell this game...

PD is one in a million, how many other developers would put in thousands of extra hours beyond what's required because they're perfectionists that love spoiling their fans. Hell most other developers are releasing gimped, incomplete games simply so they can sell you back the missing pieces and call it DLC. It's a nice change feel spoiled by a company rather than duped. I'm just glad PD is as passionate and dedicated to making GT games as I am about playing them.

talltony4573d ago

I agree 110% That is exactly how I feel about Polyphony.

IRetrouk4573d ago

bubbles for talkin sence

krisq4574d ago

My mind is officially blowned!

Ravage274573d ago

OMFG. I've set a pretty unreasonable level of expectation going into TGS and PD just blew them all to hell with a nuke.


Rainstorm814574d ago (Edited 4574d ago )

I guess we know what the graphics leader of the year will be.....Racing with a logitech wheel in cockpit view will never be the same on any other games......... i need me a 3d tv just for this game alone....

The real meaning of Shock & Awe

4574d ago
DigitalAnalog4573d ago

This is stupid. What the HELL can they put in Gran Turismo 6 now that they've put every possible feature in this game.

Oh wait, this isn't Turn... forget it, I won't go there.

-End statement

Ilikegames764573d ago

since GT5 looks like it's a game for PS4, maybe play GT6 that looks like it's a game for PS5

Blinding_Solo4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I can't believe it! I freaking jizzed twenty times watching this! My eyes had an orgasmic explosion looking at this. Can't wait November 2, 2010 the day the real definitive driving simulator come out.

GT5 will blow up the competition.

callahan094573d ago

Holy. ****. This is unbelievable! How is it that when I was reading the Kotaku liveblog of the conference, when GT5 comes on they just write "And here's more GT5" practically writing as though they're yawning. They didn't even mention that it's this freaking unbelievable new trailer with amazing night and weather features.

raztad4573d ago

Kotaku is full of sh*t, they only get excited watching kineticmals.

OT: Mindblowing weather effects. Actually I'm starting to get worried about the sim racing genre after GT5 drops. It may render other games redundat. Too much high quality stuff going on for it.

mastiffchild4573d ago

I was very annoyed at the lack of proper weather in Forza3 and am hoping this in GT5 will be fully dynamic and real feeling-then it's perfect. For me the weather affects tons of stuff in driving games from tyre choice to tactics to visibility and not to have it in seems daft. To me it's WAY more important than damage ever was or will be. We need some damage to be unrealistic anyway or hardly any races would get finished the way most of us drive!!

Thanks PD, I shouldn't have doubted you'd get it in there now we need to see how it actually affects driving, braking,visibility, grip and tyre choices in game. Should be massive and prolly will be even bigger than that. Back to craving a new wheel, sadly!

mfwahwah4573d ago

Kotaku sucks. That's why.

SonyWarrior4573d ago

GT5 weather graphics > real life

ShabbaRanks4573d ago

Its better then real life OMG !!!

MuleKick4573d ago

Dammit, gotta change my draws......just came on myself.

LiquifiedArt4573d ago


Gotta schedule some V-days for work.

iPad4573d ago

This. Is. Insane.

I'm gonna play this game for YEARS to come.

frostypants4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I've been a little skeptical of GT5 recently due to the uncertainty around the quality of the damage modeling, but I gotta say, I think these are the best weather effects I've ever seen...

And that night racing stuff looks PERFECT.

The night racing + rain just looks stupidly awesome.

This just became a must buy for me. I wasn't sure before. Now I am.

fr0sty4573d ago

did I just read an entire page of positive comments about gt5 with no trolling in sight?

Buckfastman4573d ago

Looks like they've finally given up!!


Huge impressive Simulator, I don't think I will play the Single Player more than Multiplayer.

Online mode going to be so epic.

morkendo234573d ago

just freakin wow!! after seeing rain and snow all I can say is WOW!!!

Oner4573d ago

This is why we wait the time for a PROPER GT game vs rushed crap made by other devs who make bold false claims and rely on BS hype.

xJxdOggyStYLe4573d ago

that looks amazing for real...2 bad i never use first person view or ever see anyone using it...maybe ill start now just to see that is lookin great