TrevorPhillips5054d ago

Your jaws is dropped through the floor, I can't even find my jaw.

GT5 - It only does PS3.

DORMIN5054d ago

PD wasn't lying when they said this could be a next generation game, it certainly looks the part.

DORMIN5054d ago (Edited 5054d ago )

Video from source wasn't working for me.

Here is the YouTube Link:

Redrum0595054d ago

watching this video brings up one inportant question?

...why the hell are there ppl that hate GT5???

insomnium5054d ago

OMG! Un-freaking-believable!

Zeevious5054d ago (Edited 5054d ago )

I saw a single beta-code blocky texture from one individual raindrop somewhere in there!

If it only wasn't true then I could deftly say this is definitely difinitive racing in deference to dramatically defending GT5's defined divinity over driving . . . Digitally.

sikbeta5054d ago

Gran Turismo 5: The Definitive Driving Simulator

JoySticksFTW5054d ago

I wouldn't even be shocked to see that in some Edge / Eurogamer review for GT5

bjornbear5054d ago (Edited 5054d ago )

screw it if i won't play the game with wheel (too much for me)

Im getting this and sucking at it with dualshock!!! ITS WORTH IT!!

*stagers on the ground as he fumbles through everyone's jaws looking for his own*

Bathyj5054d ago

Na, its crap. The individual raindrops didnt have full damage on. Some of them were only texture damage, not proper liquid deformation.

But seriously, this is bullsh*t. That cant be game graphics, thats not even Hollywood CGI. I'm not convinced yet its not just old episodes of Top Gear spliced up to look like a game.

MisterNiwa5054d ago

Yeah, nice, you could tell all of that with that shabby blurred out low quality trailer.

Bathyj5054d ago

I dont know what you're disputing.

The first bit was sarcasm, the second bit was praise.

Organise your thoughts and get back to me champ.

himdeel5054d ago

...can get through here for all these damn jaws on the floor. I am paying this game off this weekend and cannot wait to get my hands on it.

sinclaircrown5054d ago

There aren't. There's only people who say they hate it.

For some reason, if you love the 360, you're not allowed to like anything Sony or PS3 related..

At least thats the vibe I get on N4G..

I hope developers take notice of just how much farther the PS3 can be pushed.

I wish some would push the 360 more too. Obviously to avoid disc swapping, games can't be AS indepth as PS3 games, but I'm sure the 360 has some more power that could be used also.

MerkinMax5054d ago

Weather is just an amazing and immersive feature. I am awe struck by this as this was my one wish for this game.

PSFan1005053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

Honestly though, what was everyone expecting? Each Playstation console PD have always delivered - the best driving game around. It took a long time and from the look of it, it was worth the wait. Any true driving/car fan will agree, GT is the greatest driving series of all time. Those weather effects are stunning. Sony just keeps on setting the bar a little higher everytime.

-SIXAXIS-5053d ago

Yes, this is what life outside of China looks like. Come to America when you get older, young Lee.

commodore645053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

Where is the amazing clarity and real life people are commenting about?
I am seeing some people picking their metaphorical jaws off the floow.
All that over a blurry video?

Fanboys, pick up the jaws and take a deep breath.
Let's be realistic and call it for what it is: blurry.

ShinMaster5053d ago

You know you were impressed!
This isn't about a blurry video. This is all about the new features that make GT5 such an awesome and complete package.
Hmm *sniff sniff* I can smell the envy that consumes you from inside.

Watch Turn10 come out with another Forza game trying to implement these features and claiming it to be the ultimate definitive racing game again, again. Lol

Bathyj5053d ago Show
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sinncross5054d ago

That rain looks flippen insane!

Lou-Cipher5054d ago

I just caught a cold from the snowy weather in that video, That's how bad a$$ the weather is in GT5. :)

Is that a VW Bus @.47?

nightfallinicedearth5054d ago

Don't mean to get technical on you but you can't get a cold from being cold :p

Hideo_Kojima5053d ago

But being cold means your body uses up energy to heat up...
energy that would otherwise be used to fight of colds.

Therefore being cold will increase your chance of getting a cold.