PlayStation Network > Xbox Live: Ten reasons why PSN trumps Xbox Live

GGG: According to urban myth, the PS3 has a serious chink in its armour when it comes online gaming. The PlayStation Network simply can't compete with the user-friendliness and versatility of Xbox Live -- or so the rumour goes.

While it's true that PSN took a while to hit its stride, the service is now every bit as good as its Xbox 360 counterpart. In fact, we're going to go out on a limb and declare it even better.

In no particular order, here are 10 reasons why the PSN trumps Xbox Live. In your hearts, you know this to be true.

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CrazyForGames2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

that was actually a really terrible list
some of the reasons listed are pretty idiotic

goldensfree2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

dedicated servers crystal clear chat n video bigger better games b/r bluetooth reliable hd standard on every box home psn plus web browser netflix vidzone upgradeable hd off the shelf more variety in games better quality online experience move etc etc

bobcostus2959d ago

XBL games can have dedicated servers too. Bad Company 1 and 2 both feature dedicated servers on 360. That has nothing to do with the hardware, that's all up to the developer.

While the PS3 DOES have VoIP, not many games actually support it properly. Also, because the PS3 doesn't ship with a mic, you have pretty much everyone using a different headset or bluetooth, which can make some people sound really good and clear, and other sound down right horrible.

goldensfree2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

even a super cheap blutooth tends to put out better sound on psn then you get on live. n ya there are a few games that use dedicated servers on xbl but its not something ms likes imo since p2p cost em a lot less to run.

and the fact it dont ship with a mike in the box is a blessing hardly any kids online talking XD

live's big advantage is its interface n how smooth it is party chat is a plus if you like to talk cross game but not something i miss. Tho i do miss ingame music off my ipod.

DMason2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I just got a year for 29.99. Im good til the 2012 now. $2.50 a month isnt going to break the bank.

As far as crystal clear voice quality goes on the PSN... nope. I never use my bluetooth anymore on PSN, it picks up everything. Nothing like playing KZ2 and hearing background baby screams and friend chatter.

mrcash2959d ago

free online is enough as for the dedicated servers ordeal not all games on psn have dedicated servers.

r1sh122959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )


PSN voice chat doesnt even come close to xbox chat. This isnt coming from a fanboy, Ive got both consoles and I use them both very heavily. I use the Astro A40 Audio System for both consoles and ps3 voice chat is pretety terrible.
Its the bluetooth headsets that are the issue, not the bluetooth technology. Compare the xbox wireless headset to any bluetooth headset its still very good, the xbox headset is clear, its more sensitive than other headsets like the wired or my astros.
Dont talk about voice chat quality.
The list is a little biased, cross game chat and party chat are very important I think.

1 Last thing, if PSN was really better than Xbox Live then why is it that there is more online competitive gaming on the xbox?
Killzone GB ladder is pretty much dead, Halo 3 was solid since its release and only recently dropped because Reach came out.
Get it right please, PS home is boring and I never use it. Lagg isnt an issue and you all talk about dedicated servers - look at mw2 on the ps3.
No dedicated servers there, its little things you complain about.
Why is it when MW2 was released I couldnt play it on the PSN for 2 days after release, but the xbox 360 had 2million on it for the 1st week.
And you wonder why everyone says xbox live is better.

mittwaffen2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Mike is right, if you cant afford 60 a year, you shouldn't be playing XBOX.

But that list was retarded; N4G another terrible article approved...

inveni02958d ago

Here's one reason why I don't care which is better: It doesn't matter.

Play what your friends play, and if they're playing the 360, convince them to buy a PS3 so that you can play on PS3, too.

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Christopher2959d ago

***It's free!***

Fine, you can have that one.

***PSOne Classics***

Aren't all that great so far. And, I hear XBLA has a lot of their classics as well.

***No lame avatars***

I'd take a customized humanoid/costumed avatar over a forum icon any day. PS3 is currently the ones with lame avatars, IMHO. Why can't we use our Home avatar at least?

***PlayStation Plus***

That's a stretch. It's an alternative subscription plan that grants you access to content that everyone else already has access to. Just, if you use it right, it can save you a lot of money. I wouldn't really call this a boon of PSN, but a good business decision on Sony's part.


I guess in Australia where you can access it... Of course, there are web pages that can provide similar from a PS3 browser. And the 360 does have

***On-board Web browser with Google search***

An on-board Web browser that's cumbersome to use or requires you use a keyboard and mouse for best results.

***PS3 Trophies***

Achievements. Trophies are just hiding the point values and utilizing a leveling system based on the point values. It's up to personal preference, but they both serve the same goals.

***PSP functionality/Remote Play***

Talk about a huge meh feature. Wifi eats into your battery life like crazy and you can just transfer the movies to an pro duo card anyway. Most people who are home, though, tend to use their media files right from the PS3.

Xbox is also gaining integration features with Zune and Windows Mobile devices. XBL will be integrated into all Windows Mobile phones as well.

***Catch-up TV***

Again, aussie perk.

***PlayStation Home***

If you're into it, I guess. But I really wouldn't put this out there as one of those things that bumps the PSN over the edge. It's a single app that has no true integration other than launching other apps from within it. It's a pain in the butt to communicate in it and to get people together for events.

-Alpha2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I generally do agree that the XBL service has a lot more going in terms of offering services, feeling more polished, etc. but I still think the $60 a year thing is the big stumbling block.

Some people don't mind paying a few dollars a month for the service, so I really can't tell those people that they are wrong if they find value in what they buy.

For me, my problem comes in just buying my 360. Every little bit hurts my wallet more. But I know many 360-only owners who don't mind paying $40-60 a year. Really, it's not THAT much when you spread it across 12 months.

However, when it comes to basic performance, the PSN always trumps in this case simply because the free option exists.

One thing though-- what you said about avatars, I disagree. I find the XBL Avatars are way too pointless, hidden away and way too big and inconvenient. The PS3's friend list is so conveniently placed, and the "Forum avatars" are perfectly sized and fit in nicely IMO. It's too bad Sony wont allow something like using your Home Avatar. Why they wont do it really confuses me. In fact, there are so many little things Sony could do to improve PSN but they simply are really slow. I can't count how many times fans on the forums have asked for really simple features. PSN would go a long way if it went through a checklist of fixing small things.

DMason2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I agree with every point you make. Xbox hadnt raised the price for it's service in 8 years. I can name at least 10 things that I pay more for now than I did 8 years ago.

Christopher2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

@DMason: Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating XBL as being greater than PSN, I'm just arguing the points used to prove PSN as being greater than XBL.

And, Alpha, I like the way MS has done avatars with the system. At least the last time I logged in, it automatically showed my friends list with their custom avatar and even 'scene' if they had one on load. I even got to take a picture of my XBL avatar (ability to do a full head shot or partial) and use that as my avatar rather than forced to use avatars that are solely dictated by what Sony tells me I can use (meaning, I have to be able to purchase the avatar to use it).

As far as free access, it's one of the reasons I really like PSN. I don't do a lot of online gaming, but when I do it's nice to know I won't have to resubscribe for a month or three just to do it. At any time I can hop online without worries of whether or not I have access at that moment or if I want to gain access for an extended period.

edhe2959d ago - there you go, never pay $60 for live.


Scotland-The-Brave2959d ago

Vidzone is available for Australia, UK and PAL countries.

The rest of your points are pretty lame

Redempteur2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

funny you say that psone classics aren't that greta when he gave a list of great titles in the article .these were good titles that helped the PS franchise to grow ..heck even this week , titles like alundra are comming and titles like ff7/8 were in first place of the download list for weeks ...

Vidzone is something awesome it's growing in strenght and gaining more countries when they can ( copy right ) just because you can't use it in america doesn't make it Null and void

i use remote play a lot helps when you can't use your Tv because your wife/kids are already watching something or just to be able to access my collection of music everywhere in my house .. yes it cost battery life but not so much the same energy when playing adhoc with friends AND i can play with friends for 2 hours before my bettery energy is gone ..

just because using a keyboard bring the best results in the web broswer doesn't mean that you can't use it it a dualshock .. you can even surf with the move so i don't see where is the problem

Playstation HOME is a success , this is a fact . it's not integrated because we don't want to be forced to use it ... it's called freedom of choice , something microsoft doesn't do because every 360 owner has been forced to use avatar even if they don't like it .at least in PSN , if you don't like HOME you can delete it and that's it ... can you do that on 360 ? NOPE .

Freedom of choice is always the best

Christopher2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I find it funny that people will support lackluster lists, which was kind of my point above. Especially when the list contains elements limited by geography or items that are definitely niche. Not to say that some of the items on the list aren't perks, but to consider them the items that put PSN as being greater than XBL? Here's my top reasons why PSN is great (not necessarily greater than XBL).

1. It is free. That's a given as I said above.

2. The Games. I wouldn't at all say that the very limited selection of good PSOne games somehow make it a huge win, but overall there are PSN, PSOne, and minis with which to buy with an excellent selection of games overall.

2. Dedicated servers.

3. Non-binding infrastructure, allowing all development parties to implement features in their own method and not limited by an infrastructure that is locked down by Sony. MGS Online implementation and the upcoming Steamcloud integration for Portal 2 are two examples of this.

4. Free access to third-party applications. Netflix, Hulu+, VidZone, and more are all available without any cost needing to be paid to Sony.

5. Strong first-party support. New features and updates to existing implementations are continually supported and updated with no cost to the users. Photo gallery received a huge update that allows managing, viewing, and uploading to Picasa and Facebook. Home is continually updated. Video editing and upload features were added. Twitter and facebook integration elements are made a core element of the firmware that can be used with any game that wants to use it. Same thing with video recording and YouTube uploading.

The problem with the list on the site? They really focus a lot on sub elements to the five above, making them less important overall. Most elements mentioned have their flaws.

PSP remote play really is a good way to run your PSP dry fast because of the wifi use. It's a neat option, but a main reason why it's better than XBL? Nah. And, even then, Microsoft is going to be expanding their Live service to mobile phones in the very near future. It doesn't make sense to make it some key point as being better than XBL unless you're trying to stretch out the reasons. But, when you do that, you create issues in that each point becomes less important to the overall concept.

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SL1M DADDY2959d ago

Free online play. Everything else is just fluff.

Ownejj2959d ago

Yeh PS can go lick a choad. Xbox online is better and when people give the comment that PS is free all i can hear is "I'm poor and my mummy doesnt let me buy online"

reach ftw

Scotland-The-Brave2959d ago

So because PSN is free it makes us poor , huh lol?
The PS3 costs more to purchase, so your litttle fanboy theory fails.
When people give the comment that they pay for XBL, all i can hear is "MS - BEND OVER", "xbox fanboy - i love being a sheep" Baaa Baaa

ChronoJoe2959d ago

Dedicated servers should be priority #1 for any 'hardcore' gamer.

Lagging sucks.

xAlmostPro2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

OK.. i own both consoles.. but i favour the ps3 and psn more(wow i heard a disagree already)..i only use my 360 for playing single player unless a game comes with a free month of live or something..

You can scream all you want about "XBL has better features" but lets look at the fact, you have your 360.. "hmm i want to play online, lets do it".. £30..what?.. ok lets pay to play online..then you enter your world of fantastic XBL and it has some pretty cool features you didnt actually know about until you paid to play online.."great now i have a reason to justify why i actually paid to play online" lol.. yeah most of you probably use some of the features but i doubt any of you pay for your XBL with those in mind.. your paying for it because you wish to play online.. its that simple.. <im not dissing the features it has some are good, but when they're used to justify paying for something because you dont want to say yup i pay to play online..

ok now.. you may say "well yeah i pay, but its only a few dollars/pounds a month" well no it isnt is it?.. because theres no options to pay at that price, you have to pay in full at the time you pay for it do you not?.. ok so there you go..

now you get the people that says "XBL isnt laggy, PSN is.. we pay for dedicated servers" lol.. wrong & no you dont.. dedicated servers are down to the developers, do you really think your paying for all your games to have dedicated servers? lol.. they use the same kind of servers as PSN..mw2 on XBL is just as laggy as it is on PSN & they both use IW p2p system.. where as ALL ps3 exclusives use dedicated servers.. and yes every online game suffers a little bit of lag here & there(on all platforms) but i dont see a game on 360 running 256 players without lag 99% of the time.. now go on diss MAGs graphics lol..

and the avatars ARE cool.. and PSN's little forum pics suck?.. hey again if we want 3D avatars we can go into home, which takes your little avatars a step beyond, it takes your XBL social networking a step beyond.. its a bigger and better way of interacting(rather than stood next to each other nodding your head) for people who WANT it, because its optional, not forced upon you..

so yeah thats why I dont pay for XBL, im not saying its bad.. it just doesnt justify its price imo, maybe if all games were dedicated servers & i was paying for that, maybe if it wouldnt be paying just to play online.. maybe it playing online was free and XBL gold was just the features & services.. and thats what i was paying for maybe i'd appreciate them more and even pay for them.. but not when im paying for the main thing i want to do when i dont have to..

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Ivan Drago IV2959d ago

This article is spot on. Nothing makes me cringe more when i hear someone say "Well Xbox 360 has better online" no, no it doesnt! now you could say "Well xbox 360 has a few extra features that the PS3 has" that would be accurate.

The fact remains is PS3 and 360 are EQUAL online. the PS3 plays online multiplayer just as good and even sometimes better than the 360. I was in best buy yesterday and overheard one of the employees talking to a customer about PS3 and 360 and i heard the employee say "well the 360 has better online"

Im so sick and tired of hearing this propoganda. I mean seriously, aside from party chat what the hell does live have over PSN? what? ill wait... oh custom soundtracks, big deal. The bottom line is Sony is just a firmware or 2 away from matching Xbox live feature for feature.

oh and ITS FREE! unlike $59.99 a year for Xbox live.

grumpysmurf2959d ago

"The bottom line is Sony is just a firmware or 2 away from matching Xbox live feature for feature."


EYEamNUMBER12959d ago

man im gonna get a bunch disagrees for this but whatever lol

at the rate sony releases relevant firmware updates xbox live will continue having (insert feature) here ahead of PSN

mcnablejr2959d ago

They are ALWAYS just an 'update or two away''

TheHater2959d ago

Too bad SONY don't know what the fuck they are doing when it comes to giving what the community wants

Canas20102959d ago

Um I'm pretty sure the community honestly wants one thing.....GAMES. Sony delivers a very diverse lineup of AAA games. The 360 has alot of games too but they are (IMHO) not as rotung in the selection.

edhe2959d ago

"The bottom line is Sony is just a firmware or 2 away from matching Xbox live feature for feature."

And MS are always just one update away from ripping the carpet from under them.

ChronoJoe2959d ago

Not really. The gap is definitely closing.

Originally there wasn't even an XMB, they were like 20 firmware updates away... lol

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Raikiri2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Xbox live has superior servers/technology/software and PSN multiplayer doesn't even come close to it... Live doesn't lag or crash unless its your own fault

whothedog2959d ago

That is nonsense. And far from the truth.

Megaton2959d ago

Just from personal experience, wired XBL lags more than wireless PSN. That's based on about 6 months of XBL usage, and 2 years of PSN usage.

westy5522959d ago

You must be a 13 year old American, your statement was just stupid.

HDgamer2959d ago

Xbox live is p2p and only 3 games actually use dedicated servers not to mention the heavy ads you receive and depending on what games you play there's not a guaranteed full match unless you're playing halo, mw or gears.

Scotland-The-Brave2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

" Xbox live has superior servers/technology/software "

xAlmostPro2959d ago

exactly what im talking about in my bost above, it seems like every user of live have misinformed reasons for purchasing live

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mcnablejr2959d ago

price is irrelevant.
live has indie, games on demand and xbla.
live HAS avatars
(it lists trophies)

The only thing it has is its browser, which i never use anyway.

HDgamer2959d ago

Psn has indie games, games on demand before live, and psn games. You're not actually giving good reasons.

IHateYouFanboys2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

@HDgamer: "Psn has indie games, games on demand before live, and psn games."

no, the PSN doesnt have indie games. on Live ANYONE can make a 360 game on their PC and get it on Live via XNA. you cannot do this on the PS3.

no, the PSN didnt have games on demand before live. it had a single game that was also released at retail, warhawk. there are 50+ full retail games available to download off Live - how many are there on PS3? 2 maybe? and theyre both basically live arcade style/size games - which live has had before PSN even existed.

i didnt even read the article, i know its just gonna be the same stuff the PS3 fanboys go on and on about. Live wins for me because the console was built around it. Online was an afterthought with the PS3.

HDgamer2959d ago

You need to learn the correct term of Indie games. Burn Zombie Burn is an indie game, Trine is an indie game. While you're trying but horribly failing to obtain actual knowledge of indie games by basically saying anyone using XNA dev kit is indie you couldn't be more ignorant of different other game engines. Indie means Independent video game development. Two of those games I've mentioned and also pixel junk, they are indie devs. Ihateyoufanboys you're nothing more than an oxymoron. PSN had Warhawk, Burnout paradise, and a few other select games. While it is true it's not as expansive as xbox live is, however it was the first for consoles.

Really you have become very pathetic.

IHateYouFanboys2958d ago

"You need to learn the correct term of Indie games."

no i dont. im using the term to describe REAL indie games - people making them out of their basement by themselves, or with a mate. yes, there are some titles out that youd call indie games - but theyre still usually professional developers. like i said - i could go and make an XBLA game right now on my PC and get it on Live; that is the very definition of an indie game. yes the PS3 has indie games, but it is NOWHERE near to the level that the 360 does.

yes, the PSN had Warhawk and Burnout - but the 360 had Live Arcade games since day one, 12 months before the PS3s release. you dont say the PS3 has 'games on demand' when it only has 2 games lol. games on demand is a service that provides new games ON DEMAND. Microsoft add 2-3 games a WEEK to their games on demand service - Sony have added 2 in 3 YEARS. they just released the games in the same way Microsoft release Live Arcade games.

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Zachmo1822959d ago

Well i can see why he say's that...more people are on xbox live like for example more people play gta4, cod and what not on the 360.... I'm just gonna throw uncharted 2 in here like a little while back didn't they say it averages 50,000 a day and thats a huge game...If it was on the 360 its would probably be 300,000 plus.

xAlmostPro2959d ago

a HUGE game, known & enjoyed for its singleplayer first.. they made multiplayer, because they knew some of the uncharted fans also liked playing online.. they didnt make it to be running millions of multiplayers users.. just for a few that wanted it..

ThanatosDMC2959d ago

^I heard that in Target! "the 360 has better online" crap... i laughed.

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HydraxFFx2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It's basically psn free vs xbl cross game chat/better interface w/e is better for you. Everything else is basically the same.

TheLastGuardian2959d ago

Lol @ all the xbox fanboys reporting this as lame.

qface642959d ago

lol @ the people who automatically assume everyone is a 360 fanboy because they disagree with someone you don't

Godmars2902959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It list free as a reason, this offers PS+. Has PS1 classics, when they're not really an online feature. Nothing really any different than an XBL download. Nevermind that they're fully BC.

TheLastGuardian2959d ago

Why wouldn't they list free as a reason? That's the number 1 thing PSN has on Live.

SubZero2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Indeed ...I hate 360...hear that? hate it!However these articles serve no purpose. So i said it was lame.

Wow aint that a bitch a PS3 fan protecting 360. It is called having a life.

@Pen Pooh the N in N4G, stands for news. Just because i dislike 360,does not mean that someone else should. This site a few years back was actually a great idea.

Now its full of ppl with blogs writing "let me start some shit" articles...and thinking they are a journalist.

Pen Pooh2959d ago

"...a PS3 fan protecting 360. It is called having a life."

This is an oxymoron.

HyperBear2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I agree with SubZero. Actually, this site was really better back in 2004-2005 days when they were split sites. They used to be 2 divided sites, one for Xbox and one for PlayStation. Then the creator, Dusty I think his name is, decided to combine the sites into one, and basically have an all gaming site with forums and talking everything about gaming (even when they first did this, it was better cause there was no bubble system, no "strict" rules, no agree/disagree crap). That's when this site started going downhill (although it was a smart move for him, to expand his site and has now created a network of sites).

But as time moves on, things expand and get more creative, and at the end of the day, it was the right decision to just have one dedicated gaming site, although I'll never forget the days of 2 separate sites. (but even when the sites where separated, fanboys would still come in and talk crap anyways, although it wasn't as bad as it is today)

spankipants2959d ago

I like them both. Am I allowed to like them both?! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

whothedog2959d ago

You must pick one! Or else puppies will be sacrificed!

PirosThe4th2959d ago

I like both (360 and ps3)! But hate Xbox live! Come on every single thing and console on existence has free online...

Those silly useless features won't justify for the price. When even pc has all that and more for free. Hell, xfire, Steam, there is TeamSpeak for cross chat. And with around 400 bucks u can make a pc that can run any game on fullHD... People are either ignorant or uniformed...

Compare Steam to Live see who wins...

PSN came a long way and i say is just as good as Steam right now. Even though i don't really like steam that much because i don't usually play online.
I know too many contradictions ...