Next PS3 Firmware Hits 9/21, 3D Movie Support

Sony will release their next PS3 firmware update on September 21st and the biggest feature the update will bring about is the ability to play 3D movies. Originally it was planned for a late October release, but Sony has bumped it up a month early and PS3 owners with 3D TVs should be excited about this.

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meganick2956d ago

PS3 games and movies are already in 3D if you use LSD.

PS3-2472956d ago

I would like a XMB creator. Like create your own XMB the way you like. Also would like to use my pics for avatar. Anyone agree?

CandyCaptain2956d ago

I would until I saw someones genitals on my friend's list, and it would most likely be my bro's sadly(He's immature like that >.>_

TOO PAWNED2956d ago

So basically nothing new was announced?

mushroomwig2956d ago

3D Movie support, can't you read?

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The story is too old to be commented.