Andriasang: Sony Press Briefing Live Blog

Andriasang writes: "Sony has reserved two hours of precious first day Tokyo Game Show real estate for a press briefing. We already know the company will be showing Last Guardian and the two Team ICO remakes. But that's surely not going to fill up two hours!"

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RedPawn2980d ago

Tomorrow is gonna be a MAD HOUSE I tell you, a MAD HOUSE!!!!

blahblah2980d ago

sadly, i think we'll both be disappointed:(

team ICO is the only thing that keeps me puffed and happy about this show. beside team ICO, nothing comes even distantly close to demons souls.

i will buy a lot of games on this show, but more or less in waiting of the real thing like demons souls 2.

Cyrus3652980d ago

Tomorrow, it's happening right now.

RedPawn2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Your right Jewels, time for those mushroom clouds.

cero552980d ago

i tried several stream links and none work for me anyone know whats wrong?

SIX2980d ago

Keep refreshing. Sites getting hit very hard. Mine is still running. When you get the stream do not hit refresh again lol.

cero552980d ago

still nothing man this sucks

zu4G2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

final fantasy 15 just announced! my friend from japan tgs confirmed it..
^_^ pwnd d ful

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