Sony: 62 Million PSPs Sold Worldwide

Some will consider the PSP a failure in some ways, but the system has certainly sold a fair amount of units worldwide. During the opening moments of their TGS conference, Sony revealed that 62 million PSP systems have been sold worldwide with over 15 million of them being sold in Japan.

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8-bit2957d ago

Now introduce a PSP2 with dual analog and see what happens

deadreckoning6662957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

...what would happen is that it would get sidelined by the 3DS. Not trolling, just giving you an honest answer. The 3DS already has an incredible lineup and has the 3D effect going for it. It'll be a media entertainment monster when it hits the market.

If the PSP2 came out next year, theres no way in hell it would have a better lineup. The only way the next PSP can succeed is if it doubles a cell phone to compete with the Iphone as a phone/gaming device.

nix2957d ago

i agree... 3DS certainly has the edge because it's got 3D.

PS3-2472957d ago

Great sales for they 1st handheld

ozstar2956d ago

Well Nintendo shares are going to soar today, thats for damn sure.

ps360owner092956d ago

It has some great games and my psp 1000 model is still going strong. I've had it since it launched in march 2005 in the United States.