Microsoft Unveils a Killer Line-Up of Games for TGS 2010

Planetxbox360: Today, Microsoft Corp. and the industry’s leading Japanese storytellers showcased 10 transformative games, including five exclusive titles for Kinect for Xbox 360 by SUDA 51, Capcom, From Software, Sega and Panzer Dragoon Creator.

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WildArmed3007d ago

It's a start.
If the gameplay is fun, I'm sure people can start viewing it as a 'killer' lineup.

TBH, I didn't expect them to have any games appeal to the core, but atleast they are trying.. and for that I'm willing to listen.

-Alpha3007d ago

Agreed. I'm skeptical, but at least they are trying. You can't say "Screw you for not trying" and then say "screw you anyways".

I'm not expecting anything "killer" but I'd hope for them to try.

Christopher3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

I agree, glad they're trying. But, nothing will change my mind until I see gameplay that says 'core gamer'. All of these games look to be in the distant future.

Edit: I will say... at least Microsoft showed new games. So far, Sony's conference is boring the hell out of me with news we've known since E3 and GC. The amount of time they're spending on the damn SE PSP for MH3 isn't helping me stay awake.

Edit 2: Great, as soon as they get to the software section, the video portion of the live stream goes out.

Arnon3007d ago

I'm in the same boat. I'm glad they're trying, and honestly, I think it would be cool if they kept the core games on kinect controller based, but with added body movement controls for certain points in the game and neat little features.

Raikiri3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )


Thats because they already revealed most of their upcoming(2011) games

Anon19743007d ago

There were actually some Kinect titles in there that sounded interesting. Haunt, Codename D and Rise of Nightmares have all peaked my interest in Kinect. What sucks about that is that even if I wanted Kinect, I don't have enough room in my living room to play it without rearranging furniture each time I want to play something, and that simply is not going to happen. Hopefully at least one of my buddies will get Kinect and one of these so I can give it a try - but at this stage I can't really see that happening. They're more Halo/Gears type gamers then Kinect type gamers.

darthv723007d ago

“Radiant Silvergun” (Treasure, Microsoft Game Studios). The classic scrolling shooter from Japan and spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed “Ikaruga” receives an international release in this revival on Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360, the first ever since SEGA Saturn. “Radiant Silvergun” will see the return of the unique seven-weapon system among other fan-favorite gameplay features, as well as improvements, including the addition of a new system to enhance the challenging original chain system."

...falls over in chair...

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OmarsAccount3007d ago

Those Kinect games look at least interesting. It may not be a killer list of games, but to me it seems at least good. Being a "hardcore gamer", at least now Im slightly inclided to actually buy Kinect.

strickers3007d ago

Why?What do you know about those games?They could all be crap.

SephireX3007d ago

"Pew pew pew" at the bad guys on screen. If that floats your boat, get Kinect!

jellybalboa3007d ago

so have they announced these games with no videos or screen shots?
the term "bollocks" comes to mind!

tinybigman3007d ago

Are these 5 games announced for kinect on rails?

Mizz_mai3007d ago's most definitely a good start,i've actually craved a new steel battalion for aaaaaages.....still got my massive controller and everything..XD

Jaces3007d ago

Some of the games sound kinda good, but I'd rather reserve hype until I see something on those games.

This part made me laugh pretty hard though:

“METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING” will star Raiden, one of the most popular characters in the “METAL GEAR SOLID” universe"

skrug3007d ago

"This part made me laugh pretty hard though:

“METAL GEAR SOLID: RISING” will star Raiden, one of the most popular characters in the “METAL GEAR SOLID” universe" "

who would of thought.

Megaton3007d ago

You've gotta consider the source. PlanetXbox360 tends to swing on the nuts of anything Xbox-related.

I've been very critical of Kinect (and Move), but I'd agree on "good". At least they finally proved they're trying to do something for the core gamers, instead of just spinning the ultra casual stuff as core experiences.

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Raikiri3007d ago

I wouldn't say killer i would say great at best

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