New Gun Loco trailer

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Gun Loco.

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Natsu X FairyTail3007d ago

Did they put the sexy girl to take our attention away from the awful graphics?

Did Quenton tarentino direct this game because it looks like something he would come with.

Aside from the sh1tty graphics I hope the game is good.

Raikiri3007d ago

I honestly don't know why this is Exclusive might as well be multi-platform so at least 3 people buy it..

goldensfree3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

im guessing from the graphics

game looks like ass n im a big fan of vehicular mayhem n shooting games

edit wow its a 360 title kinect tho still looks like its not on rails... lets see what they do with the controls should really show us what can be done with kinect. If a fast paces tp action shooting game works then i gotta say it has potential i never saw.

NabikiTendo3007d ago

xbox 360 can keep this one lol.

ChronoJoe3007d ago

Hehe, does look fun. I must admit.

Gun Crazy definitely appears to accurately describe it. :)

Graphics don't matter, although I'd hope with such low production values it's a DL title, or not full retail price at least.

DelbertGrady3007d ago

Could very well be a DL title. It reminds me of Bizarre Creations The Club.

Shoko3007d ago

Square Enix is just trying to cash-in on the simple-minded 360 frag heads. They know the 360 userbase love the hell out of guns, so they bring this crap-ass game to get some easy mullah.

It's obvious.

kaveti66163007d ago

I'm sure the millions of PS3 gamers who purchased MW2 and continue to play it more than any other PS3 game completely flew off your radar when you were composing that turd of a comment.

Shoko3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

Whoa, somebody sounds offended lol. Sorry, did I mention you in that comment xD?

EVERYONE loves COD, so bringing that up was a void point dude. The COD's on the Wii have even been million sellers. Not to mention, MW2 was hyped the hell up.

Let's be honest here; developers love to bring shooters to the 360 because they know that due to the demographic, they will sell. Name the top games 360 fanboys brag about: Halo (Shooter), Gears (Shooter) Mass Effect (Might as well be a shooter), etc. The only exceptions are the Forza and Fables series, although even those don't sell as much as the shooter genre games.

You mean to tell me that it's a coincidence that SQUARE ENIX, the company known for their ARE-PEE-GEES, is bringing a third-person SHOOTER, EXCLUSIVELY, to the Xbox 360? Lol, just listen to it man, GUN, Loco. GUN, Loco. The word gun is in the freakin title lmao. It only makes sense.

kaveti66163007d ago

I guess I'm no one because I think COD is horseshit.

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