TGS: Microsoft Keynote - From Japan To the World

At Tokyo Game Show, the keynote was Microsoft's, and the message was a revitalization of Japanese game development for a global audience -- with Kinect at the center of much of it.

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Raikiri3051d ago

I expected Another Crappy conference from Microsoft but most of the titles they announced were pretty cool although all of them were Kinect-enabled(doesn't mean it doesn't support controllers though)

Ow well it was allot better then E3 2010 I expect allot of things for kinect and controller for E3 2011

goldensfree3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

but a lot... not imo

maybe if your excited about kinect
sigh all i see is the real 360 fans getting nothing but $queezed.

kaveti66163050d ago

you only joined 13 days ago? hmm.

monk3393050d ago

You expected a lot of things Raikiri, I expected at least a comment that makes sense.

XactGamer3050d ago

Kinect or not to Kinect

A Cupcake for Gabe3050d ago

Kinect looks like a great idea gone wrong. Where's the Hardcore support? Where is the full body controlled avatars in Rock Band? If I can't make music videos and do powerslide in RB or GH, I just would die...ok maybe not, but still the potential is wasted on carbon copy games for grandma. These few "core" still aren't selling it for me.

disparage3050d ago

Whatever happened to "Xbox for Core" MS........

Armyntt3050d ago

Its still there. Who said M$ cant make games for both?

Stealth20k3050d ago

They arent making games for both. They didnt show one exclusive console game at tgs

XactGamer3050d ago

Yes they did check the front page and stop trolling.

lowcarb3050d ago

True but in all honesty I hope they show some core games soon or the ones announced turn out to be core. I'm just waiting (tired of waiting)to see what happens with Kinect and try it for myself before passing judgment.

nilamo3050d ago

What the hell are you people talking about. A new steel battalion, a dragon game that is spiritual succesor to panzer dragoon from the phantom dust guys. Suda51 game, two survival horror games. Please tell me what exactly is casual about them, do you really think these games will appeal to soccer moms? These games are niche and the only people who will play this are core gamers.

People here have been whining constantly about the lack of exclusive new IP's from microsoft, microsoft finally decides to give you 5 of the most niche exclusive new IP games you can find and it's still not good enough???

disparage3050d ago

I know it's still there...but I was referring to them putting Kinect front and center and making the "Core" gamers scavenge for information on non-Kinect titles.

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GameScrub3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )

Isn't Haunt and Codename D horror type games? I thought they said it was for the core audience.


Meanwhile, GHM's Suda said that his company had hoped to collaborate with Microsoft for some time, and had finally found the chance with Kinect game Codename: D. "Many fans requested us to release a title for Xbox 360 and now we're able to respond to such requests," he said, saying that they're a fit since hardcore fans love the company's games.

Maybe I just miss read and it saying that SUDA51 fans would like it. In either case being a "no more heroes" fan I can't wait to see what he has in stored.

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