The World's Crapiest Gaming Peripherals

Over the years there have been many weird and wonderful contraptions that have been sold to us gamers as the best thing since the Atari 2600 joystick. There have been some excellent peripherals over time, our favourite being the Sony Dual Shock 2 controller, but there also have been those that are truly terrible.

Here we have compiled a list, in crapological order, of the worst peripherals in the world that we could think of.

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TheMART5391d ago

Funny you not chose the nr. 1 to be the picture.

Furthermore, I know which will take it's place in November on the next gen controllers...

A crappy PS2 controller, taking out rumble with kiddy movement sensors in it haha

Best controller voted today: the 360 controller. So I guess nr. 6 of this list lead to something in the end

Jak4ever5391d ago

Sony could have been more creative with the Ps3 controller. The Activator was bad though, makes you wonder who is making the decisions sometimes, 65 year old men?

andy capps5391d ago

TheMART is ever the fanboy.. Tsk tsk.

T-Rac5391d ago

Im sorry but the Duke was awesome, I loved that controller and the only reason people 'hated' it is because 90% of the people who hated it were to young and had little hands which couldn't grasp the controller.

Bring back the duke... but in white for the 360 I say....

Tempo5391d ago

That fat boy was the best...the duke was an excellent fit especially for halo ..just before the 360 hit i was trying to get 2 of e'm but u could only find them on ebay and for almost sticker price and they were used no less.
I don't think it deserves to be on this list but that's just my opinion

CAPS LOCK5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

the only reason i put the x-box controller on the pic is so that more people would come and read the article, and i knew u would be first to critisize.

no way will the ps3 controller join it, even though it has no rumble it is still good.

Shadow Flare5391d ago

no.1 crappest periferal, the sega activator. Did you get a load of the activator commercial? ahahaha

And what the hell was that Nintendo robot thing? That thing scars my eyes

And props for putting that butt ugly xbox attempt at a dancemat as the article picture

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