Metal Gear Rising Showcased Without Kinect

TGH Writes: "Metal Gear Rising was showcased at Microsoft’s conference with focus on its controls. However, everyone expected a Kinect announcement."

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MGRogue20172982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Raiden looks so BadAss in this! :P

He looks like he hasn't slept in days though.. lol, And he looks pissed off.

Joule2982d ago

Its going to playstation 3 also

MisterNiwa2982d ago

Why would you point that out? There is no need to, lol.

kaveti66162982d ago

Yeah, I'm getting it on the PS3. And the reason why is because I think it will probably perform better, and because I have MGS4 and I guess the two games will look good side by side in their cases.

KingKiff2982d ago

He would point that out because of the lack of Kinect news.

I highly doubt that any Kinect support will be available on the 360 version. It surprised me to see that Konami are adding Move support considering how much extra work would be involved in that alone, they would almost need to start from scratch to implement Kinect.

And I could not see this game working well with Kinects "control" scheme.

Imperator2982d ago

How could Kinect even work with this game? I could see Move but not Kinect.

MisterNiwa2982d ago

Slice stuff with your... Arm! Or.. leg..

TotalPS3Fanboy2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

But how do you move? Moving will require Move. You can slice with Kinect (though not accurately), but you can't move with Kinect.

ThanatosDMC2982d ago

You pretend to run in place.... but how would we turn?


How do you roll? How do you backflip jump? How do you climb/jump in giant enemies?

This stuff can be done with either Kinect or Move, but you'll just do a little jump in place or press buttons... If you can't do all the action (or at least let's say 80% of it) with what you can track, I prefer devs not even bother with motion controls, because they will feel even less immersive while being harder to control (in the awkward sense, not in the challanging sense). That's why I prefer this MCs don't even come close to my hack'n'slashers.

Yes if I had to pick one I would prefer Move too, as it can actually track something, instead of just making inputs for pre-programmed actions with my movements barelly considering if I'm doing it right (like most of Wii and all of Kinect stuff seens to work - not to mention the already coming Move shovelware, that Racket Sports thing is just as bad). But I really prefer not having to bother with it. Devs should use those MCs where they enhance the experience (shooters have better precision with a pointer, RTSs and MMORPGs becomes playable with mouse-like controller, combat can be tracked for fighters, party games can be more challanging, etc) not gimp it to every game around like it's mandatory in Wii, I'm happy Kojima Productions is wiser than that.

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Sunny_D2982d ago

That pic is more than a year old.

Brklynty12982d ago

No gamer in their right mind expected MGS Rizing to work with kinect.....

MisterNiwa2982d ago

If this game was to work with Kinect, I could even do a dual wielding.

Slash Slash, with both arms.

Christopher2982d ago

@MisterNiwa: And wait for all the opponents to come to you? Or have an on rails gameplay option?

MmaFanQc2982d ago

they acted like if MGS:R was an exclusive.

Motorola2982d ago

I know right? Whats that all about? Doesnt matter though

Blaze9292982d ago

who the hell is everyone? Everyone EXPECTS a MOVE announcement.

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niceguywii602982d ago

How's that? the devs announced that ages ago

Eddy2232982d ago

hopefully it is move compatible,

KingKiff2982d ago

Move support was confirmed ages ago mate.

ChronoJoe2982d ago

Yup, like the other guy said. Bubbles for the first person who can explain how kinect would actually work, in MGS rising.

Without something stupid like asking you to hold a 360 controller, at the same time.

UP2982d ago

yea the holding the 360 controller at the same time makes no sense as well because then you cannot use your arms. What are you supposed to do swing a sword with you legs.

rdgneoz32982d ago

Holding a controller while using Kinect would defeat the whole purpose of Kinect.

bujasem_892981d ago

u hold the controller with your legs lol xD

3dawg2982d ago

put it on rails? only way i can think of. kinda like mgs for the ipod. lol

ChronoJoe2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

When you're changing a video games genre to fit an input device, you know things are fucked.

I bubbled you though, since your response is the only plausible manner of getting it working.

ShadyDevil2982d ago

It would comprise of the gamer using their skateboard as a 'sword' and slicing at enemies and watermelon. Meanwhile trying not to smash their 3000 dollar TV. It will be a difficult journey, and one clocking in around 5-6 game hours on Hard mode.

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