Final Fantasy at Tokyo Game Show 10' (Dissidia, Versus News, and More)

We've created a single page for access to all Final Fantasy related Tokyo Game Show 2010 updates. We’ll be getting all sorts of great updates tonight as Tokyo Game Show 2010 has kicked off. Stay tuned to hear more from your favorite upcoming titles. We already have incoming information on Dissidia and Versus XIII.

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stonecold32959d ago

it stays exclusive to ps3 and im happy

KratosGirI2959d ago

Do people only care about exclusivity?

We don't even know if the game is actually a game!

Drycell042959d ago

Unfortunately yes because exclusives define the console of choice

Shang-Long2959d ago

Yea it also determaines how much we will get out of the game. No one can really argue with this anymore

NabikiTendo2959d ago

it's gonna turn to shit just like ff13 did.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

It will stay exclusive for PS3.

Microsoft didn't even talk about Final Fantasy in TGS and that was a good side of the conference to reveal it.

Sorry for Omega, he was waiting FF Versus compatible for Kinect.

Godmars2902959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

If its worthy of being an exclusive, if the dev team find advantages that help them to make it a better game, then make it exclusive.

The only trouble with that is Square has yet to show the want much less the ability to do such a thing.

"FF Versus compatible for Kinect."

You should be shot for even suggesting such a thing. Have to take a dolphin kick from Tifa.

Dude, I just said what you just said: That Square's gotten to a point where they have to prove themselves worthy of their own name, and they aren't even trying. Not by half.

Hell, if the Spoony cast is anything to go on, they've become hopelessly full of themselves.

UltimateIdiot9112959d ago

I don't even know what SE is capable of on the PS3. There is nothing to base it on, not a single PS3 exclusive.

So until then, they have yet to show any ability of taking advantage of the PS3. Right now, SE's rep is really thin and my confident in their product isn't strong.

Qbanj692959d ago

Can some1 please tell me if this conference is going to be in English or Japanese?