GT Countdown - TGS 10: Top 10 Anticipated Games of Tokyo Game Show

GameTrailers writes: We count down the headlines and announcements this year's Tokyo Game Show needs to deliver.

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stonecold32980d ago

vs 13 to stay exclusive on ps3

karatechoplifter2980d ago

The important thing is that it's developed for PS3. That way it can take advantage of the more powerful system. If the 360 gets a port after that, I couldn't care less.

Natsu X FairyTail2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

''Five brand new creative partnerships with Japanese developers are about to be announced.
McWhertor: Exclusively for the Xbox 360, Phil says.''

welp , one of the game is already confirmed as wack. its a avatar wrestling game -__-


The Last Guardian, Nuff Said.

danmachine2980d ago

SOTC/ICO collection
The last guardian
Project dark (demon souls 2)

PS3-2472980d ago

The Last Guardian isn't a game. It's a master piece.

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