Michael Jackson The Experience debut trailer

Ubisoft has released the debut trailer for Michael Jackson The Experience.

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MGRogue20172954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

... I wonder what Michael Jackson himself would think of this game if he were still with us today??

Do you think he would be impressed by this rubbish..? xD

Ubisoft are using his death as an advantage for sales & money. That's Horrible.. :(

BiggCMan2954d ago

so did the makers of that movie last year.

iceman062954d ago

There was a Michael Jackson game in the works before he died. I think it was in anticipation of the This Is It tour (which was bound to do great in England). I don't know if this is the original game (can't remember if Ubisoft was the developer). But, as big of a video game fan as Michael Jackson was...I think he'd probably at least be pleased.

IHateYouFanboys2954d ago

why wouldnt he be impressed?

its his music, and its getting out there to make people happy, which is what Michael Jackson was all about. the wii version obviously wont be that great, since it just looks like randomly swinging a wii-mote about, but the kinect version should be a tonne of fun for dance fans, and Michael Jackson fans especially.

doing the thriller dance with MJ on screen? sounds great to me, even if i wont be dancing myself.

Studio-YaMi2954d ago

interested in Music games,but just this one time,I'll make an exception !
can't wait to do me some moonwalking :p ~

jony_dols2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

instead of dancing ,
you use the wii remote to slap Michael around until he can moonwalk.

Zachmo1822954d ago

lol that was good.
bubble for making me laugh!!

mirroredderorrim2954d ago

the win is very strong with this one.

TheLastGuardian2954d ago

my sister is obsessed with MJ. She is gonna buy this game just to play it on my PS3.

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