Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 4 Times Bigger Than Burnout Paradise

The EA blog had a chat with Criterion’s Matt Webster at TGS 2010 and he had this to say past the break.

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Nitrowolf22953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Holy f
burnout was pretty big to explore, now they are making a map even bigger dam

NateNater2953d ago

Yea I know! 4 times bigger than Paradise and cars going more than 250mph!? That's awesome!

UnSelf2953d ago

why r they releasing this in nov?!??!!?!?

2953d ago
krisq2953d ago

Can't wait! Very much needed reboot for the series.

Chuk52953d ago

I don't think it's fair GT gets all the spotlight when it comes to racing graphics. I think this game deserves a clear mention. Also, does any feel a little bit bad for brink and splash damage? Criterion is accomplishing the whole mulitplayer, singleplayer blend Brink has struggled to get down.

ChronoJoe2953d ago

What? What does brink have to do with this at all?

ABizzel12953d ago

It looks good, but GT5 is in a whole other class.

Redempteur2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

they are very good games that shouldn't be compared

it's the simple différence between simulation and arcade racers

atticus142953d ago

I haven't bought a NFS game since Hot pursuit for the PSone (loved that game)... but if this can bring back the magic I'll eventually pick it up... I think it will be different enough from GT 5 to not end up with a racing overdose since I'll be buying that as well...

Criterion makes me want to believe, since Burnout revenge was one of my favorite games of all time.

Chuk52953d ago

Brink's biggest feature is how the single player and multiplayer are intertwined. Hot pursuit's career does just that.

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ChronoJoe2953d ago

Old news. They said this at E3. Jus' sayin'.

Game looks great though. :)

NJShadow2953d ago

I think I'm so excited that I'm crying. >.<

electricshadow2953d ago

Paid off my pre-order of this two days ago. I am SO excited for this game.

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