Gaming's greatest pause jingles

Gamesradar: Among all the innovations gaming has introduced over the years, the greatest may be one of the simplest: the ability to pause your game indefinitely, whenever you want, for whatever reason. It’s a feature that’s largely taken for granted, though, and that can make it a little harder to notice when a developer applies its own unique touches to the function. Still, plenty do, and their games are made more memorable for it, even if only a little bit.

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TheLastGuardian2953d ago

I was on the last page of this article thinking The Ballad Of Gay Tony had some pretty awesome pause music, but I bet it won't be on here because all these are retro games. Then I scroll down and see it, hell yea. I think the best word to describe that pause music is euphoric. It makes great background music.

iamnsuperman2953d ago

I am glad its on the list....