How Much Do You Really Like Halo?

Halo fever is back and bigger than ever. In honor of the latest chapter, John Catuira of the Married Gamers takes a look at the Halo universe and how people dedicate their hard-earned dollars and lives to Bungie and its games.

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gamer81792954d ago

I am diffently not a hardcore dedicated fan to halo. I just respect Bungie and the halo series for having a great story, great controls, and a well balance mult-player. You can tell that Bungie takes pride in their work, by supporting the online, and trying their best to keep the cheaters from ruining the game.

ITLoo2954d ago

Indeed. That is why Bungie is one of the best out there. Their games never seem to disappoint the masses, although there have been a few complaints here and there. Overall though they make great games.