Bobby Kotick wants to sell game cutscenes as standalone movies

Hey, wanna know a secret? Bobby Kotick loves money. While recent rumours regarding subscription fees for the next Call of Duty game have been all but squashed, it seems the boys at Activision are hard at work on other ways to make sure your cash ends up in their pockets. Using Starcraft 2 as an example, Bobby Kotick today announced that he is interested in selling the cutscenes found in games as standalone movies.

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movements2981d ago

This guy's lost his mind

XANDEO2981d ago

I always thought that getting to a cutscene (not all mind) was a reward and part of the experience of playing a videogame, part of the enjoyment of watching a cutscene is that youve earned it not brought it.

dark-hollow2981d ago

It looks like kotick want us to pay for lot of things lately

Akagi2981d ago

Why this man hasn't been punched in the face in public yet is beyond me. He's nothing but a thief.

laoboy_Smoke2981d ago

Kotick really does look mentally ill XD

karl2981d ago

bobby now wants to sell game endings as DLC from now on.. LOL

Lf_sIcKmAn2981d ago

You have finished an awesome game!!!

Now please insert your credit card in your ps3/xbox360 to see the ending! *
*fine print: Game endings cost 59.99 per minute... plus tax wherever it applies.

vickers5002981d ago

This guy is the up and coming Hitler of gaming.

karl2981d ago

does that make us the Jews?

gunnerforlife2981d ago

this guy is a joke!!! was he drooped on hes head when he was born????

versusALL2981d ago

Uh, why would I pay for gaming cutscences when theres youtube

mastiffchild2981d ago

Kotick just cares about the balance sheet. If he could get us paying twice as muich for even crappier, less expensive games that could end up killing gaming he would do itg. He's slash and burn. He's milking franchises while cutting testing and dev budgets. He's also allowed to get away with saying things a CEO in other industries would get hung for saying-the man nhas zero respect for the gamers who pay his wages and as a result is so shortsighted iyt's amazing.

Thing is Bobby doesn't play games so , as long as the balance looks ok when he jumps ship , when he moves on to another area he won't care if he's been part of putting us in terminal decline, if he's damaged industry gamer relations to a point of no return. He wouldn't care iuf there was never anoither game-he just wants the money, wants it now and we can sod off. The lack nof betas and A testing on MW2 was what led to the online woes and bugs at launch yet is trhere any change for BO No, he'll keep cutting corners while he can get away with it-depressing and ALIENATING the talent along the way . MAN IS A TOOL WHO CARES ONLY ABOUT MONEY. As I said-TOOL.

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NYC_Gamer2981d ago

Wow...this dude is real money hungry

dark-hollow2981d ago

HE is the one who deserve to get death threats not wada

inbetweener2981d ago

nah, they are both equally deserving.

frankymv2981d ago

This guy is really loved amongst gamers.....

<<end sarcasm>>

FAGOL2981d ago

Dear Bobby Kotick,

I hope your own penis rapes you.

Yours Faithfully


Makidian2981d ago

That was so funny, but he also needs to eat a box of dicks while he gets serviced by his own member.

DaBadGuy2981d ago

That's fucking epic man. Kudos.

Drano2981d ago

I will never forget that one. Bubbles. Bring more.

Jump Beyond.

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