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Microsoft is set to take the stage and deliver a keynote address to kick off this year's Tokyo Game Show. With game announcements having already been hot and heavy, what will Microsoft do to keep the momentum going? Word on the street is that some new Kinect games will be unveiled, but who knows what else will be discussed? Join IGN and find out!

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yewles13046d ago

Here comes the Versus announcement... -_-'

disparage3046d ago

I'd piss myself if they did that.

Godmars2903046d ago

Would you be doing that in a good or bad way...?

dark-hollow3046d ago

I hope not
No harm felling xbox only owners but to see what they did to ffxiii I don't want that to happen again

Imperator3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Eh I want a true FF, but if FFvsXIII goes multiplat then so be it. There are plenty of other great PS3 exclusives out there.

Anyways, I'm ready to be disappointed by MS... yet again.

darthv723046d ago

exclusivity doesnt always mean a better game.

number473046d ago

always no

generally speaking..yes...

Dramscus3046d ago

Depends what consoles exclusives your talking about in all honesty.

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disparage3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

@Godmars, both. Good because I'm not a fanboy. Bad because pissing yourself is generally frowned upon.

EDIT: I know, sucks that I like both systems huh?

MisterNiwa3046d ago

I agreed to that edited statement, for the lulz.

Godmars2903046d ago

It sucks that one system has a technical advantage, possibly two, yet because of a non-system related advantage - advertising - this gen is has been more about going for the middle ground rather than setting benchmarks. Which is what everyone but Nintendo were promising going in.

Square themselves were also among that group, but in one way or another they just haven't preformed well. Especially with their console of choice.

HeroXIV3046d ago

Get annoyed at him all you want guys, it's best to just think of it as a timed PS3 exclusive/multi-platform so it'll be good news when it isn't.

tinybigman3046d ago

can you please do something other than spending money to make an exclusive multiplatform. use your goddamn vast wealth to create a new IP that doesn't have a genre called FPS or TPS; or how about you announce that you've just purchase a quality studio to pump out creative IPs and use the damn system to it's fullest potential.

maxcer3046d ago

most developers/publishers want to go multiplat for more sales. its the way things are done these days. i bet if MS did buy a studio and produced a few good games that same studio would try and buy itself out just like bungie did.

tinybigman3045d ago

if M$ fostered goodwill maybe that same studio would want to stay instead of run.

Chris3993046d ago

SE have no loyalty whatsoever, they are consummate businessmen (whores). There is no reason for them to keep it exclusive. Nomura is a legend, but he's more at the mercy of his superiors than say, Kojima.

Soon as XIII went multi, VS's fate was sealed. The fact that SE are releasing XIII in Japan as well, is very telling.

So yeah, we might see a VS announcement today. Or MS will save it for the next E3 as a "megaton" to send the US media into a froth (but not really a megaton to anyone that has been paying attention).

Only thing that I'm interested in from MS at this point is that "Large Scale RPG", funded by them and announced a year or two ago. Who knows though, that might have dropped off the development map with all the Kinect focus lately.

ryuzu3046d ago

MS and the 360 is like watching a girl split up with her Boyfriend.

"Hey 360, I just feel its time we moved on ya know - I've got my PC Games in development and, well since you stopped getting any exclusives you've changed - you're all Kinect this and Kinect that. I just think we're going different ways. I still care though, here's FFvsXIII, and I hope you and Kinect do great! Call me!"


mittwaffen3045d ago

Seriously, I see PS3 users sitting/talk smack on the Xbox posts more than they even follow their own games.

Look at the first comment..biggest fail i've seen in a while.
The list goes on, this thread is filled with comment fails.

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WildArmed3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

When is the MS keynote?

From what I understand Sony's keynote is in 1hour and 30 mins from now.

Is MS live now? Or is their keynote tomorrow? (or after Sony)


Thanks! +bubs to all (except Alpha! coz he dont need any lol)
I'mma set some alarms up on my cell now!
Now back to figuring out how make a C++ program that figures out medicine dosage o-o

NYC_Gamer3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

tonight @9:30pm est

Thecraft19893046d ago

TheLeprachaun ign wrong its 9am japan time and its 8:43 writing this and sony is at 5am

HeroXIV3046d ago

1AM. This is Microsoft's. Sony's is at 5AM.

Thecraft19893046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

I can't stay up 5am dam sony why

TheLeprachaun3046d ago

IGN is saying it's on at half 2 in england cliffbo. I hope it's at 1am but I don't think it is.

-Alpha3046d ago

Holy hell, Sony's is tonight??

But, I just bought Halo Reach! Hey SKV, I got ur message on PSN btw, do I have you on XBL?

dark-hollow3046d ago

Yep (:
I hope they reveal the psp 2

WildArmed3046d ago

Nice, gratz.
No, I dont think so. My XBL account is shared by everyone in the household (since I dont want to get 3 Gold memberships), so if I've on I'll hit you a msg. Most of the time my lil' brother is on playing CoD4 lol

Sadly I havn't got Reach yet -.-
But played it @ my friends place and LOVED firefight 2.0 :D

lowcarb3046d ago

Isn't live 29.99 right now for 12 months on XBL? Sounds like a good deal for you.

WildArmed3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Yes it is, but still I dont plan on getting 3 Gold live memberships.
I only have 1 360 so it's not like i need multiple. (why throw money down the drain, I can already play online ya know?)

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HQLocated1113046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Microsoft makes an exclusive, multiplat.... end of conference. Yea I wouldn't be surprised since they have no games lol.

xg-ei8ht3046d ago

MS: Kinect is coming,(noise) No please don't run off.

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