frankymv4642d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Day 1.

CyberCam4641d ago (Edited 4641d ago )

the single-player is going to be AWESOME, I'm looking forward to a gripping story!

As for the multi-player, it's a relief that it will not be like a modern military Quake arcade shooter (at least the objective mode)!

scar204642d ago

awesome cant wait to kill americans and vice versa

Shackdaddy8364642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

The guy at the beginning of the video mentioned the distance(900 meters) so they would have dialed it in to the scope. If you do this correctly, the sniper can aim straight w/o the need to raise the gun higher.

Xx Ziyad xX4641d ago

god i hate IGN flash its sucks

mzm1194641d ago

very impressive.. i didn't enjoy the MP beta that much but the campaign looks awesome.

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