Demon’s Souls Joins PS3 Greatest Hits, Price Reduced to $29.99

The PlayStation 3 ‘Greatest Hits’ line-up offered by Sony gives gamers some of the best PlayStation 3 titles the console can offer for a low, affordable price. Atlus’ Demon’s Souls is undoubtedly worthy to be on the list and has been added to the ever-growing list of PS3 greats.

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Raoh2987d ago

awesome game, i still have a lot more to play through..

hoping there will be a demon's souls 2 announcement soon...

Chubear2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

... there better a Demon Souls2 announcement or I'll!... I'LLL!!!... cry like a baby :(

Hellsvacancy2987d ago

"Move compatible"? nooooooooooooooooo!

I hope 2 god theres a DS2, i platinum trophied it the other day so theres an empty space in my life now after investin so many hours into the game

WildArmed2987d ago

lol agreed.

Gratz DS.
It was well deserved.

HammockGames2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

Just a few words of wisdom: patience pays off - especially when you start playing the game.

Stick with it and you'll find a classic and addictive game.

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poopface12987d ago

It took me along time to finish Demons souls, and I loved it.

Im thinking since they were talking about shutting the servers down next year that maybe were getting close to hearing about DS2.

Solid_Snakeps32987d ago

im still stuck at ManEater boss for like 2 months now... :(

poopface12987d ago

you can kill the first one by shooting arrows through the left side of the white mist, before going through it.

Or just get some help like I did on my second try.

MEsoJD2987d ago

Would be the greatest announcement out of tgs for me. I will scream and cry like a little school girl.

Orange2987d ago

I'd BE somebody's school girl if it would get this game made.

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h0mebas32987d ago

Good Work Sony! This is an awesome game...

guitarded772987d ago

Congratulate FromSoftware for the game too...
and if you're in NA thank Atlus for actually bringing it to us. Would have been a shame if the game had never made it stateside.

DanyBrown2987d ago

and thank namco if you are in europe

ftwrthtx2987d ago

That everyone says is the hardest one around?

doctorstrange2987d ago

Harder than "The Impossible Game" on XBLA/iPhone, that's how hard.

OneSneakyMofo2987d ago

Hardest game to beat; Hardest game to platinum is 3D Dot Game Heroes. That sh!t is insane.

guitarded772987d ago

Yeah, some of the trophies in 3D Dot are impossible.

Paradise Lost2987d ago

Im looking into buying this game especially at a $30 price.

creatchee2987d ago

I'm not sure if US version is the same, but Demon's Souls 2 has DS1 on it for free, at least in Japan. You might want to save a few bucks and get both.

Orange2987d ago

wait, what? Have they announced Demon's Souls 2???

Alcohog2987d ago

I can never find this anywhere. Hopefully now I can.

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The story is too old to be commented.