Zero Punctuation: Mafia II Review

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Mafia II.

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BannedForNineYears4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

I get an error when I try to play the video ~_~

corneliuscrust4647d ago

putting mafia2 in its place.. what a let down that game was. I really enjoyed the first one, but this was brutal

EliteAssass1n4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

well if i knew going into it that it wasn't a sandbox game, a la GTA, i might have enjoyed it a lot more. Plus the ending was just awful.

alphakennybody4647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

I can't wait for his halo reach review, it's going to shake many hearts.

kaveti66164647d ago (Edited 4647d ago )

Yahtzee doesn't like any game. He hated on Mass Effect 2, he hated on Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Halo 3. Pretty much everything.

He liked Prince of Persia The Sands of Time and a couple of other games.

Everything he criticizes about games is stuff that regular gamers ignore because they're having fun.

Edit: Of course he won't like Halo Reach. He's not a fan of Halo games, so the more Halo there is the more there is for him not to like.

He's probably going to hate on it for being "more of the same."

But Bungie doesn't give a shit about what non-fans care about. Look at what Capcom has done to Devil May Cry, and you'll understand why Bungie doesn't fuck with the core Halo formula.

There are millions of Halo fans out there. And Bungie is going to cater to them, not the Yahtzees of the world.

Dsnyder4647d ago

Yahtzee likes some games He love half life, portal, Saints row 2, GTA IV, and he has admitted that he just nitpicks with most games and puts the bad out there for comedy sake. Still I dont think he will like Halo reach.

corneliuscrust4647d ago

in mid sentence just as he said they cut the plot of the game before there was any kind of ending "resolution"

Jack-Pyro4647d ago

Just like the f*&king Soppranos!!!